February 15, 2016

Books in Real Life, Episode 11: To All the Boys I've Loved Before

We're baaaaaack! That's right, you're reading the very first Books in Real Life post for 2016 today. In case you haven't ever seen one of these posts before, let me tell you a little bit about what it's all about. Rachel of Hello, Chelly & I have teamed up to challenge ourselves to actually do the things we read about in books - and then we tell you all about our experiences.

Most of the activities we take on are outdoorsy, so we tend to slow down on this feature as we hibernate in our warm, cozy homes during the winter season. Happily, one of the things on our to do list involved no venturing out into the cold, and we decided it would be a sweet one to kick off this year! Inspired by the lovely Lara Jean in To All the Boys I've Loved Before, we decided to bake cookies together.

In case you haven't yet read this one, it's about a girl named Lara Jean, who writes love letters to boys she falls in love with for closure and whose world is turned upside down when she realizes those letters have gone out to their recipients (though that was never her intent). It's a charming contemporary YA with a Korean-American main character, a well-created family dynamic and the sweetest romance ever.

1. What was your favorite part or a memorable moment? It was definitely taking the first bite of a freshly baked cookie. They were warm and soft, melting easily in my mouth and giving off a tantalizing scent that made me want more. There's nothing quite like cookies right out of the oven!

2. Anything you wish you'd known beforehand? I wish we'd had a hand mixer! It would have sped up the process tremendously, and required less effort to mix things together. Rachel did a bang-up job though, so it turned out fine.

3. Would I do this again? I eat cookies like a cookie monster, so I would happily make more. I would also happily sit down, devour quite a few and wash it down with either milk and hot chocolate when I was done.


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