February 2, 2016

The Tools for Love

If you have yet to read a Megan Erickson novel, I suggest you remedy that immediately. She's quickly become one of my favorite romance authors, as her ability to combine humor, emotion and complex characters into fun reads is undeniable. I started out reading her new adult series, Bowler University (Make It Count, Make It Right, Make It Last), which is still my favorite from her. I've also read the first two books in her M/M romance series In Focus (Trust the Focus, Focus on Me), and the first two books in her nerdy adult romance series Gamers (Changing His Game, Playing for Her Heart). 

And I binge read the Mechanics of Love series (Dirty Thoughts, Dirty Talk, Dirty Deeds), which allowed me to complete the goal of reading all her published series. This is the series that I'm going to be sharing a little bit about today, and #spoileralert, I really, really enjoyed it. Erickson knows how to write a good romance (and she certainly brings on the swoons every damn time). But what makes the Mechanics of Love series even more special is the way she's integrated familial ties and friendships alongside the romance. It was such a fun set of stories to binge read, and I'd highly encourage you to do the same since all three are available to purchase!

Dirty Thoughts book cover
I really loved the idea of a spin-off series about Max Payton's older brothers. (Just a quick FYI, Max is one of the main characters in the Bowler University series.) Dirty Thoughts is a kick-ass start to this set of stories, focusing specifically on the romance that gets rekindled between Max's eldest brother Cal Payton and his high school sweetheart Jenna MacMillan. I just loved this story, plain and simple, and it's for three reasons: 1) I really loved Cal (responsible, honest, serious Cal, who cares deeply for his loved ones) and Jenna (smart, independent, strong Jenna, who is a gal I'd love to be friends with), 2) I loved the secondary characters - Max and Lea (cameo, yes!), Jack, Brent, Asher and Delilah - who were all colorful additions to this story and 3) it's a second chance romance! It all really just worked so well together, just like a well-oiled machine. Erickson deserves all of the credit for writing a story that's so easy to fall in love with, a story so addictive that you won't be able to stop reading once you've started. This series started had me hooked, and once I finished, I only wanted more.

Dirty Talk book cover

Oh, Dirty Talk, how I love you! I seriously fell head over heels for this story, which centers around the budding romance that develops between Brent Payton, middle child in the family, and Ivy Dawn, sister to the new mechanic who works at the Payton garage. Just like with Dirty Thoughts, I loved the two main characters. Brent, with his kindness, mischievous nature and sense of humor. Ivy, with her deep love of family, her determination to make a life for herself, and her inability to stop caring about the people she loves. Their romance is explosive, with an instant and undeniable attraction that develops into something sweeter, deeper, stronger over the time they spend together. I love that the conflict that keeps these two apart is completely believable, and that the story is about more than just the two of them and their relationship. The blend of humor and heart in this novel is perfection, and I really loved it!

Dirty Deeds book cover

Much like the two previous novels, Dirty Deeds was so easy to love because of the two main characters: Alex (who is ballsy, upfront and vulnerable when it comes to love) and Spencer (who is charming, smart and pretty straightforward about what he wants - and he's British). It's an offbeat pairing, but it works. It's a fun romance because they complement and challenge one another (and that results in some swoony, hilarious, awkward situations). They have excellent banter and swoony moments; it's also nice that they share a mutual respect and friendship. I really rooted for them to get together, especially because I just wanted Alex to be as happy as her sister was! Erickson really ends this series on just the right note. So, even if I'm sad that the Payton trilogy is finished, I can certainly say that this story was a satisfying ending!

Dirty Thoughts / Dirty Talk / Dirty Deeds by Megan Erickson
Series: Mechanics of Love #1-3
Publisher: Avon Impulse | Publication Dates: June 16, 2015 / September 15, 2015 / December 8, 2015
Source: Purchased as Kindle e-books


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