February 19, 2016

Screens & Scenes: The One Where I Watch Lots of TV

Basically, all I did in my spare time (after working, spending quality time with people, game nights, cleaning, blogging, filming videos and reading) in January, was watch a lot of television. I’ve started to really enjoy having my roster of shows to watch live, as well as catching up on past seasons of shows that were highly recommended and that I really enjoy. I meant to share my thoughts earlier in the month, but time got away from me (and the winter blues really did a number on me). But I thought it was better late than never!

Supergirl – I really, truly enjoy this show! Melissa Benoist is seriously great as Kara/Supergirl, and the supporting cast (particularly Jeremy Jordan and Calista Flockhart) are also really well cast. I love that this show really invites readers to experience a full range of emotions, tackling things both personal and objective in its episodic (as well as overall) storyline. There’s a great balance between gravity and levity, and I love that there’s a sense of humor woven in throughout the narrative. It’s a superhero show that’s on the lighter side, and I am totally here for that.

The Magicians – If it weren’t for Macky’s initial interest in the show, it probably wouldn’t have come onto my radar. And that would have been a crying shame because it is really a most excellent show! (By the way, prior to watching, I hadn’t realized that this show was based on the novel by Lev Grossman.) The characters are interesting (if very nearly caricatures). But what really captured my attention was the story – the challenge to figure out the mystery behind main threat, the school for magic users (more university than Hogwarts) and the character interactions. Very dark, very gray, very interesting indeed.

Shadowhunters – I’m surprised to be able to say this, but I am truly enjoying this show. It does get a bit hokey at times, with really cheesy lines tossed in for good measure. I’m not overly fond of how they’re portraying some characters, as well as certain casting choices. But I really find it entertaining. (I read the first three novels of The Mortal Instruments ages ago so I don’t remember things in detail.) I’m a huge fan of Alec, Magnus and Simon on the show. Though they aren’t exactly how I pictured them, I think they are pretty well portrayed. Cheesy, hokey and not perfect, yes. But fun? Absolutely.

The Shannara Chronicles – I’ll be honest: the only reason I’ve continued watching this show is because the actual plot has me curious about what happens, and I’m not too sure I want to read the novels. It’s a simple enough story: one group of teens drawn together in order to save the Ellcrys, a tree that imprisons all sorts of nasty, evil beings. Pretty epic, right? Sadly, I’m sometimes distracted by the amount of teen angst and contrived moments that occur. But I still can’t seem to stop watching (and the effects happen to be pretty cool). Make what you will of that, folks.

Grease Live! – I, along with a bunch of fellow excited fans, tuned into Fox to watch Grease Live! I honestly wasn’t expecting to find myself completely blown away. The cinematography and camera work was incredible. The dance routines and scene changes and costume changes were magical. The cast was also pretty damn great, particularly our Pink Ladies, particularly Julianne Hough (Sandy) and Vanessa Hudgens (Rizzo). I totally sang along to the songs I was most familiar with! It’s just a fun watch, and I really love how they went all out for this performance.

Doctor Who (Series 7 & 8) – Spoilers! No, I won’t actually spoil anyone for these seasons in specifics, mostly because I went into them blind and just loved them even more for it. But there will be slight spoilers if you’ve never seen it. Series 7 is Matt Smith’s last as the Doctor. While I didn’t feel like the episodes were as tightly woven together as previous seasons, it was still a damn good run. (My favorite special is in this one!) Series 8 is Peter Capaldi’s first as the Doctor. It took some time for me to really start forming a bond with him as the Doctor. But I wound up really enjoying his adventures too! Both series basically still made me laugh, made me cry, made me rage, made me whimper – it’s still an amazing show, at least to me.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (S1) – I started watching this show upon the recommendations of my friends Gaby & Gillian, and it has quickly become a new obsession. A murder mystery show set in Australia in the 1920s? SIGN. ME. UP. But seriously, there is just SO much to love about this show. A strong female lead who is feisty, clever, brave and takes no bullshit. (She also has a wardrobe to die for.) A handsome man who seems serious but has a surprisingly soft, gooey center. Excellent secondary cast of friends and family, both those Phryne Fisher has chosen and those who she encounters. Mysteries that are fun, intriguing and never really the same thing twice. There’s humor and heart, and I just really, really, really love this show, y’all. (Check out Gillian’s post if you want to know more about why you should watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!)

That’s basically what I watched in January in a nutshell. As I said, it was a lot of TV. Still, I can’t complain when I’m being entertained! Have you watched any of these shows? Do you enjoy them as much as I do (or in Shannara’s case, can’t look away)? Have you got any show recommendations for me? 


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