February 21, 2016

2016 Love-a-Thon: An Invitation to Tea

It's here, it's here, it's here! I'm always super pumped whenever this time of year rolls around, because it's when I can officially say this: The Love-a-Thon is here! In case you didn't already know, the Love-a-Thon is an annual February event that encourages the bookish online community to spread some positive vibes, strengthen friendships, form new relationships and have fun along the way. This year, I'm excited to be co-hosting with my friends Cee of The Novel HermitHazel of Stay Bookish Mel of The Daily Prophecy! We're really looking forward to sharing all of our hard work with you, and are so excited to see this event on all sorts of platforms - blogs, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube! (P.S. If you're only hearing about the event today, you're still welcome to sign up!)

Time for a tea break! All you need to do for this mini-challenge is choose (1) fictional character, (1) book blogger OR BookTuber OR Bookstagrammer, and (1) author that you want to have a tea party with, and tell us why. You can obviously go above and beyond by including details (like food or decor, for instance) about your tea party!

P.S. Link up on The Novel Hermit to be entered in the giveaway for this challenge! (If you're not awake yet, don't fret! The linky will stay open until the event officially ends on February 22, so add yours any time before then.)

I love tea parties! Were I to be the host of this tea party, we'd be at an elegant old English mansion in the countryside on a beautiful day - sunny, but with a slight breeze and a few clouds in the sky. We'd have a big gazebo type area, wreathed in vines and twinkly lights, and there would be a long table (or five) set up underneath. There would be glorious floral arrangements, mason jars with sweets, sweet-scented candles and fine china dishes for us. There would be tiers of tiny sandwiches, scones, cookies and little cakes to devour, and there would be copious amounts of tea, both hot and iced. I'd really love a blush, pale blue, gold and white color scheme - that would be positively dreamy!

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Honestly, I just want to invite everyone. Y'all are excellent friends & fascinating people, and I don't want to have to pick! And how in the world am I supposed to pick just one favorite author? No, no, no, I refuse to do it! I refuse... Dang it. Fine. To stick within the confines of our requirements, I'd invite Sara Crewe (from A Little Princess), Rachel (from Hello, Chelly) and Alexandra Bracken! I feel like we'd have fun discussions about stories and creativity, etiquette and life and like we would all enjoy having a spot of refreshment in the middle of our afternoon. I would love to hear one of Sara's stories, obviously want to get Rachel to collaborate with me on throwing this shindig and would like to chat about life and writing and all that fun stuff with Alex!

Which fictional character, author, blogger, Bookstagrammer, or BookTuber would you invite to tea? 
Tell me what your dream tea party would look like!


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