February 29, 2016

February 2016 (+ Flights of Fantasy February Linky)

I'm not going to sugarcoat it: February was a rough month for me. I always get a case of the winter blues, so I wasn't surprised when I started feeling melancholy and lethargic and tired again. But the intensity with which they arrived and how long the bouts would last really caught me off guard. It probably doesn't help that Macky was away most of the month for work, or that the weather has been more gloomy than lovely. Still, the end of the month has come, and things are looking up, so I'm hoping to leave the blues behind and enjoy March!


I didn't actively seek out things to do this month, because I'm always hesitant to leave the warmth and coziness of my apartment to be out in the freezing, gloomy, wet days of February. But I did start working out again (and have nearly finished a full month of working out six days a week), binged (and obsessed) over TV shows, and hosted the biggest Love-a-Thon yet. Apart from that, I got to do a couple of sleepovers with Danica, hang out with Rachel a few times, film vlogs with Kristin (Have you seen our video about pretty books?), attended a Superbowl Party over at Jaymee & Ephy's place and went to see The Secret Garden concert with Macky to celebrate Valentine's Day and our third civil wedding anniversary! And, most exciting of all, we finally completed our wall of shelves. It's definitely made the apartment even cozier than it already was.

Of the 16 books I read, these are my favorites:

Personal | Read Less, Write More
Love-a-Thon | Enchanted to Meet YouMix and MatchB-I-N-G-OSpines and Lines, Poems and RhymesAn Invitation to TeaThe End
Reviews | The Tools for LoveTrouble in StorylandJourney into DarknessThe Damar SeriesThere is No TryAbbreviations #20Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me, Dancing on Thin IceBring Me Her Heart
Features, Tours & Tags | The Lunar Chronicles Book TagTracking Down Tunes: Songs on Repeat14 Days of Fictional Swoon: Detailing a DateThe Sunday Mix (24)Chapter Exclusive: Warrior Witch{Bookish} Style Files: Love is in the AirAll You Need is LoveBooks in Real Life, Ep. 11: To All the Boys I've Loved BeforeScreens & Scenes: The One Where I Watch Lots of TVHarper Summer 2016 Tour: Traitor Angels{Bookish} Travel Buddies: Isla & the Happily Ever AfterDisney Book Tag: The Sarah J. Maas EditionTunes & Tales: Grease Live!
YouTube | Coffee Book Tag, January 2016, February TBR, Haul Things New, Books in Real Life, Ep. 11: To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Best Suggested Books You've Loved, All About Alexa, #LoveAThon Bookshelf Challenge 

Hello fantasy readers! How has your February been? I hope you guys have been reading tons of fantasy novels (and will recommend them to me in the comments). I've read a total of 6 fantasy novels: The Radiant Road, The Great Hunt, The Blue Sword, Stolen Songbird, Hidden Huntress and The Crimson Thread. Don't forget to link up below with your reviews and recaps! (And don't forget to check out the announcement next week about the books we are reading for book club in March! I'm quite excited to get started.) (And you can still sign up for this challenge!)


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