February 5, 2016

Tracking Down Tunes: Songs on Repeat

I've been sitting on this feature for nearly a month now, and the anticipation of unveiling it to you all was killing me. I'm really excited to be teaming up with Lindsey of Bring My Books for Tracking Down Tunes, a collaborative feature inspired by our desire to broaden our musical horizons. Basically, we both listen to music the same way: we find a favorite artist or album or track and listen to it nonstop. In an effort to diversify the music we listen to, we decided it would be fun to go out of our way to listen to new songs - and that it would be even better if we could recommend stuff to each other. So, every month, we'll be sharing our monthly playlists (for the previous month) with all of you!

As a way of introducing our musical tastes to all of you, we decided to kick off this feature by sharing the songs we had on repeat between 2010 and 2015! We both gravitate towards certain artists and musical genres, and it'll become clearer when we tell you about the tunes we individually added to this monthly playlist. Before you read about the songs I chose, check out the playlist! (Please note that I would totally have put Taylor Swift on this playlist, but alas, her music is not available on Spotify.)

Wonderwall / Oasis – Of all the songs I’ve chosen to include on this playlist, this one wins the title of being chosen solely for nostalgic reasons. I don’t love this song, but it’s one that’s become a reliable karaoke choice. It brings back memories of carefree nights when I was a little younger, and it reminds me of my best friends, so I couldn’t avoid picking this tune!

Hold Back the River / James Bay – He may be a new favorite, but man, James Bay is one hell of a songwriter. I really love the melody and the lyrics of this particular tune, and it was an instant favorite from the day I first listened to his debut album, Chaos and the Calm. Plus, after seeing him perform live last year and being completely blown away, I had to include one of his hits!

Difference in Me / Westlife – Confession: I’m a boy band girl. And my all-time favorite is Westlife, who I’ve loved for years. (Their concert in the Philippines was the first ever concert I attended!) I’ve loved each and every single one of their albums, and still rotate their stuff into my playlists regularly. What I love most about this particular song is how it’s both something new and familiar when it comes to their style.

Photograph / Ed Sheeran – Ed Sheeran is another artist I admire a whole lot, because he has stellar songwriting skills and he’s an excellent live performer. This song makes me happy and makes me want to cry all at once, and I certainly think that’s a special skill if there is one! I love that it details devotion, even as it also hints at a separation between the couple he’s singing about. So, so beautiful.

Best Song Ever / One Direction – I’m always in an extra good mood whenever this song comes up on any playlist! It just makes me think about a lot of the fun memories I’ve made, particularly with my sisters. Plus, it’s hard not to start head bopping and singing along because it’s so damn catchy! 

Empire State of Mind (Part II) / Alicia Keys – Oh, this song. While I love the more well-known counterpart, I think this slower version is beautiful! I love Alicia Keys. And I love that this song makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I think about how far I come since I first moved back to the USA, and how much I love living here.

Neon Lights / Demi Lovato – I’m obsessed with Demi’s voice. I think she’s an amazing vocalist, and I’ve enjoyed her music since her Disney days. I really love that this song makes me feel electrified, alive. It makes me feel like dancing whenever I hear it, and I’m totally guilty of indulging that no matter where I am.

Bright / Echosmith – I had this song on constant repeat after hearing it on the radio one time during a road trip early last year. It’s seriously so good. It has a relaxed, happy, hopeful vibe, and I’m fond of tunes that make me feel that way. Plus, I just love the wording in the chorus!

Turning Tables / Adele – Before 25 came out, I was obsessed with 21. Of all the tracks on there, I was always fond of this one! It indulges my dramatic side, as it always evokes the idea of a complicated, messy relationship and one person reflecting on it. I really love how clever and creative Adele is; she’s another songwriting powerhouse, in my opinion.

Science & Faith / The Script – I’m quite obsessed with The Script, who were really introduced to me by my sister. I’ve seen them live four times now, and they were amazing each and every single time. Their albums always become favorites for me, but I’m particularly attached to their second one! This track is one of my favorites from them, because I love how they tackle the dilemma between rationales and faith.

Do you like any of these songs? What are the songs YOU have on repeat? 


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