January 1, 2015

Me + 2015

The beginning of the year always feels like a fresh start, doesn’t it? We each get the opportunity to wipe our slates clean, start new, start different. It’s a blessing to be given the chance to experience the gift of another year – to grow, to learn, to change. Since there are quite a few of you who are new to these parts, I thought it would be fun to kick off the year with a little re-introduction!

Hi y’all, my name is Alexa! I’m 25 years old, currently living in New York with my husband Macky and my sister Melissa. Oh, and have I mentioned that I love reading? I started Alexa Loves Books on a whim, familiar with the blogging world but never managing to hold onto a blog for long – and look at me now, three years plus and going strong. This is my safe place on the Internet, where I’m able to share everything bookish (reviews, discussions, events, fun posts) and most things personal (stories, travels, musings). Everything here is designed to read like I’m chatting with friends, which is the kind of relationship I want to have with my readers!

Here are a few fun facts about me with all of you – slam book style:

Nicknames: Alex, Lexi, Lex, “A”, Manang
Birthday: August 5
Places I've Called Home: Maryland, Virginia, Bacolod, Manila, New Jersey, New York
5 Words to Describe Me: optimistic, nice, thoughtful, sensitive, smart
Hobbies: reading, playing video games, writing, scrapbook-making, traveling
Favorite Color: Blue (though I have a soft spot for gold, silver and pink)
Favorite Eats: I love dessert! Cookies, ice cream, cupcakes, cakes, pies… Yum. Oh, and coffee.
Favorite Musical Artists: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, The Script, Westlife, One Republic
Favorite TV Shows: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time
Favorite Places to Shop: H&M, Zara, Modcloth (I’m starting to like J. Crew too!)

In case you wanted to find out more about me, you can check out my newly revamped “About Me”! I’m also (at some point) adding “All Stars” (a list of my favorite reads + authors, inspired by Kelly, Hannah & Rachel), and most definitely encourage you to check out “Features” for all of the fun blog stuff I do.


Every year, without fail, it is always fun to talk about the personal goals I’m setting. It isn’t about ticking items off a list; it’s more about having guidelines for the year ahead. I was extra ambitious in 2014, raring to go and accomplish all these things. This year – this 2015 – I’ve decided to keep it simple and set three personal goals.

Learn how to manage money better. I’m fairly decent at making sure I have enough money for the things I need, and even, on occasion, the things I want. But with Macky’s help and guidance, I’d like to become smarter about how I spend, save and invest it.

Build a home. Within this month, Macky, Mel & I will be moving to a new apartment! We’re looking forward to buying furniture, filling it up with our things and just making it a homey, welcoming, warm place for all of us. Interior design (or a passable attempt at it), here I come!

Travel, travel, travel. Every year, I put travel on this list. I love getting out of town, and going someplace new to explore, whether it’s on my own or with my loved ones. I’m definitely wishing for more fun trips this year, and hoping to visit at least one new place in the process.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! And now it’s your turn, because I want to get to know YOU! Share your slam book answers, introduce yourself, tell me your goals - I just want to take this opportunity to get to know you a little better.


  1. Welcome to 2015, Alexa! I like your little re-introduction, I definitely didn't know you lived in so many places! I really like your three personal goals, I think it's important to always explore what's outside of your city. And that's so exciting that you're moving to a new apartment, I can't wait to hear all about it! Happy new year, Alexa!

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  3. Happy New Year friend! I hope this year is all you want it to be and oh so much more! And how exciting about the new apartment; you will really have fun making it a home. Love getting to know you better through your blog and love that you share parts of your life with us! :)

  4. Um, how are we not good friends already (I haven't been following you long enough haha)?! You love The Script, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, The Originals, The Big Bang Theory, AND MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.!!!

    Nicknames: Em or Emmy
    Birthday: June 25 (I'm 22 right now)
    Places I've Called Home: Maine (a bunch of different towns, but always Maine haha)
    5 Words to Describe Me: caring, sensitive, blunt, over-thinker, creative
    Hobbies: reading, watching tv/movies, and writing letters
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Eats: French fries, vanilla greek yogurt w/ strawberries and homemade granola, chicken broccoli alfredo, flavored potato chips, and peppermint bark puppy chow (the list could go on forever)
    Favorite Musical Artists: Hanson, The Script, Gabrielle Aplin, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Kate Voegele
    Favorite TV Shows: The Originals, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Big Bang Theory, Reign, Chicago Fire/PD, and Pretty Little Liars
    Favorite Places to Shop: rue21 (it's really only the place I regularly shop for clothes)

  5. What a great reintroduction, Alexa! I love dessert and One Republic, too! (But also flagels and Lana Del Ray.) Excited for what's to come on your lovely blog this year. Cheers to more fabulous reading in 2015!

  6. Great post Alexa! I love your three personal goals :) Learning more about money management was one of my goals last year and I found a plethora of great blogs out there that were both informative and inspiring. Yay 2015!

  7. Love your goals! I didn't realize that Macky was permanently in the states now. Must have missed that. That's awesome for you guys tho! I bet you're happy. :D You'll have to post pictures of your interior decorating skills. I definitely want to travel more this year too. the hubs and I are going to try to swing Europe this year so hopefully we can make that work! Best of luck in 2015!!

  8. So nice to learn more about you! You have good taste in lots of things! (Dessert, I'm looking at you.) I'll play along :)

    Nicknames: Dahl, Dahls/z, D, Dale, Duchess

    Birthday: January 26

    Places I've Called Home: New York, Jerusalem, Philly

    5 Words to Describe Me: curious, neurotic, loud, hypersensitive, messy

    Hobbies: reading, writing, blogging, cooking

    Favorite Color: Blue

    Favorite Eats: Pretty much all Chinese food, macarons, other cookies, fried chicken, pizza, fries, basically anything terrible for you

    Favorite Musical Artists: Nirvana, Weezer, Beastie Boys, Hole, NIN, Foo Fighters, The Pretty Reckless, Offspring

    Favorite TV Shows: Veronica Mars, Frasier, Parks & Rec, The Office, The Good Wife, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer

    Favorite Places to Shop: Anthropologie, Modcloth, J. Crew, macaron shops around NYC

  9. I love this! So excited to see where 2015 takes us! oxoxo L


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