January 17, 2015

Abbreviations #2 | Sun-Kissed, His Wicked Seduction + The Traitor's Wife

Check out these three mini-reviews! One is for a darling little novella in a contemporary romance series I enjoy. The second for a sequel in a historical romance series about a dashing league of rogues and their lady loves. And the third is for a historical fiction novel all about Benedict Arnold's wife.

Sun-Kissed Laura Florand book cover
Sun-Kissed by Laura Florand
Series: Amour et Chocolat #7
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: May 5, 2014
Source/Format: Author (Thanks!) || e-galley
Other Books: The Chocolate Thief
[I received this book for review. This in no way affects my opinions or my review.]

This is why I personally enjoy novellas: characters I like get extra time on the page. In Sun-Kissed, readers get a brief look into the blossoming romance between Mack Corey & Anne Winters, two characters from the Amour et Chocolat series. Even though they aren’t my favorites of this series, their romantic tension was sizzling and sweet in equal measures. There were plenty of heartfelt, happy moments, so this was definitely a fun little extra.

His Wicked Seduction Lauren Smith book cover
His Wicked Seduction by Lauren Smith
Series: The League of Rogues #2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: November 11, 2014
Source/Format: Publisher (Thanks & thanks Estelle!) || e-galley
[I received this book from the publisher. This in no way affects my opinions or my review.]

Readers will be thrilled to return to the world of The League of Rogues in His Wicked Seduction. The charming, clever, considerably appealing members of the League are quite a draw on their own, to be sure. But it’s actually main character Horatia – smart and stubborn – who steals the scene, even more than her beloved Lucien, Rogue member and well-known rake with somewhat… eccentric tastes. It’s evident, right away, that both Lucien and Horatia have strong feelings for each other. But some real major misunderstandings, in addition to the fact that Lucien just so happens to be her older brother’s best friend, make things real frustrating for the couple and for the readers. His Wicked Seduction was not quite as charming or memorable as its predecessor, but it sure was filled with dramatic hijinks and swoony moments to entertain readers. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact I was primarily invested in the Lucien-Cedric friendship (as well as the rest of the League’s camaraderie), and I look forward to seeing the League’s friendships more in the upcoming titles in this series.

The Traitor's Wife book cover
The Traitor's Wife by Allison Pataki
Publisher: Howard Books
Publication Date: February 11, 2014
Source/Format: Borrowed from the library (rec from Leah!) || Paperback

The reason it is enjoyable to indulge in historical fiction is because it always offers a fresh perspective on historical figures and events. The Traitor's Wife is certainly a welcome addition to this genre, especially for someone who hasn't read much literature set in this time period. Pataki paints a fascinating portrait of Margaret "Peggy" Shippen, a young debutante who eventually becomes Benedict Arnold's wife. The entire novel is told from the perspective of Clara, Peggy's lady's maid who is privy to the treachery of her master and mistress. While it wasn't initially what I was expecting, using Clara as the narrator was a smart decision; it allows the reader to be close to Peggy and Benedict, but it also provides enough distance from the situation to see it objectively. All in all, in spite of a slow start, heavy set-up and slightly anticlimactic ending, The Traitor's Wife was still a fascinating look into these particular circumstances in American history.


  1. Great idea for presenting your reviews! I love historical fiction so will be looking more into The Traitor's Wife. Great post (:


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