January 19, 2015

Love Larger Than Life

by Ann Aguirre
Publisher: Harlequin HQN
Publication Dates: August 26, 2014 / September 30, 2014 / November 25, 2014
Source/Format: Bought / Kindle e-book; Netgalley (Thanks!) || e-galley

[I received this book for review from the publisher. This in no way affects the thoughts expressed in my review.]

In a classic case of my friends knowing my reading tastes so damn well, Kelly recommended this series after I tweeted at her expressing my curiosity about it. Her enthusiasm for the series got me to immediately purchase the first two - and after I've binge read all three, I can say that Kelly's wholehearted recommendation is a good one! 

Aguirre writes three great romances, all with different individual characters involved and with different external situations that they have to face. The brand of swoon and humor that she includes in all three is sheer perfection, and I'm fairly certain that I'll return to these novels (particularly As Long As You Love Me) in the future.

I Want It That Way is just so darn sweet. It is just the right combination of romantic tension and hilarity! I admired main character Nadia, who’s smart, driven and supremely capable of caring for and about others. Add in an adorable child, a fun set of roommates and one swoon-worthy, dedicated father (Ty) and it’s really not hard to see why this is so enjoyable! Personally, there was just one particular aspect that felt frustrating, because it didn't seem like a logical reaction to the limitations of their situations. But in the end, it was easy to surrender to the way Aguirre chose to tell Nadia and Ty’s story - and to fall completely in love with Nadia, Ty and the rest of the people we meet.

As Long As You Love Me was a surprise of the best kind! The novel inspired a lot of feelings, particularly because it was so easy to fall in love with both Lauren and Rob. Lauren is just a great, sassy, independent main character, who’s comfortable and vulnerable in her own skin. Rob, on the other hand, is just so sweet, so kind, so talented and so so good. Unlike the previous novel, this one has the main couple pretty isolated from other people, which made for an interesting change. Plus, the fierce chemistry combined with years of history between Rob and Lauren made for some major sparks! Watching as these two fumble and fall in love was so darn cute, and I absolutely loved it.

Shape of My Heart is the installment that took a while to really get invested in. It's got a very different tone from its predecessors, mostly because it starts off with a pretty heavy event: the death of Max's grandfather. The pace does pick up from there, and I was riveted to the screen trying to flick pages faster to see how it would all end. What I did like about it was the dynamic between Courtney and Max. I really enjoyed their friendship, the banter and the instinctive need to be there for one another. And when sparks started flying between them, it was even better! Honestly, this book wound up making me smile a lot - particularly with that delicious epilogue.

Seriously, I've started falling in love with NA a whole lot more after reading fun, swoony novels like the ones in the 2B Trilogy! If you happen to be searching for a new series to keep you entertained, and to make you laugh and swoon in pretty equal measures, then this would be a great choice. I loved Nadia and Ty, Lauren and Rob, Courtney and Max, and I know many other readers will feel the same way!


  1. I'm not big on romance, and I've never read a NA book...but the fact that all of these titles are Backstreet Boys songs makes me want to read them anyway! Such a fun idea!

  2. I've really enjoyed this series, too! I think I Want It That Way is my favorite overall, but Lauren and Rob are definitely my favorite couple (I just hated the way their separation played out). This is such a fun, swoony series. I hope Ann returns to NA in the future.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, girl!

  3. Your reviews make me excited about this series! I've only read an excerpt of 'I Want it That Way' so far - and I liked what I read of it! I'll have to pick them up soon :)

    Rosie // Rosie Reads


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