Hello! If you happen to be reading this, you're probably curious about all the features that are a part of my current blog schedule. Here you'll find a brief overview of each one and you can click on the graphics to see past posts If you've got any questions, feel free to send an email or tweet me! (Also, all these graphics were designed by my lovely friend Danica!)
This started as a way for me to share a bunch of mini-reviews all at once. It has now evolved into a monthly post where I share mini-reviews of all the books I read in the past month that I don't write a full review for. Occasionally, if I read more than one book by an author, I do a special edition of this feature that spotlights their novels.

(est May 2014) This feature was originally inspired by one of my favorite fashionable events (The Met Gala). I've come up with variations of it since its inception: I either choose my favorite outfits from a special occasion, put an outfit together for a character or share a pairing of my outfit with book covers.

(est July 2014) I collaborate with Rachel for this series! We take inspiration from the books we love to do some fun things in real life. These posts allow us to share these experiences with you in full detail, photos and reactions included. We've also started incorporating videos!
Like most bloggers, I always post a monthly recap! It includes what's been happening in my personal life, what I've been reading (including my favorite reads) and what's been posted on the blog in the past month.

(est December 2013) Inspired by other people's bookish playlists and Taylor Swift's 1989, I wound up creating this feature. I pick one of my favorite albums (current or otherwise), and I pair each track on it with a novel! It's also been a fun way to collaborate with friends who share a mutual love of the artist + books!

In addition to my individual blog features, I also collaborate with some of my friends on features that I absolutely love. Here are the four currently active collaborative features that I've got going on with other bloggers! (Rachel made the graphics for the first two, Hannah created the third, and I did the fourth graphic.)

(est November 2013) A collaboration with Rachel! We often have the same ARCs on our TBR piles, so we decided it would be fun to read one together on a regular basis. Our reviews go up on the same day, and we include our answers to a bonus question inspired by the book.

(est January 2017) A collaboration with Rachel! One of the things we are always trying to do is to make sure we share diverse content that revolves around all our interests, and not just books (even though we love them). We came up with the idea of doing a series that features food spots in New York City so we could share our thoughts and recommendations with our readers!

(est January 2015) A collaboration with Hannah! It's a pact we make on a yearly basis, where we promise to continue to be more intentional with our reading and book acquiring choices. It's been really fun to see our improvement over the years, but we've both still got a ways to go!

(est January 2017) A collaboration with Lindsey! After the success of our musical collaborative feature last year, we wanted to come up with something fresh for 2017. In an effort to whittle down our TBR piles and to recommend books to each other, we came up with a feature where we'll read one book together every month and share our thoughts. 

My blog has been around for a few years now, so it's no surprise that there are a few features that are now retired or only happen very sporadically. If you're interested in checking out some of my old features, you can browse the links below:

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