January 20, 2015

The Mysterious Affliction of a Lynburn Legacy Addiction

My dear readers, I have recently begun to suspect that I am suffering a malady. It manifested in a fondness for witty repartee, complicated magic and smart, sarcastic girl reporters, and has not left me since I first came to notice its existence. I've taken it upon myself to solve this case, and upon successfully gathering all my data, I have decided it is imperative to share this knowledge with you. Read on to learn more about this mysterious affliction!

Kami Glass – Kami is smart, sassy and stubborn as all heck. Though it does get her into tight spots (and her natural ability to charm and cajole her friends means they often find themselves involved too), Kami’s natural curiosity and her love of a good mystery is also a part of what makes her so darn appealing. Kami has a good heart, filled with compassion and loyalty. This often leads to her being willing to sacrifice her own self for the greater good, but even more particularly in order to save the ones she loves. Have I mentioned that she’s half-Asian and wears awesome outfits?

Jared Lynburn – Jared is a tough nut to crack, as he can be so many things: flippant and charming, cool and collected, private and broody. Yet, the complexity of his personality stems from his history, filled with mystery and sadness and hard times. It was ever so charming to watch him start to warm towards people other than Kami, and to learn to open himself up to the love that others are willing to give him. What I personally like best is how Jared, in spite of his tough guy act, is actually a real nice guy; he’s always going out of his way to do things for other people whenever he can.

the Glass family (Jon, Claire, Ten, Tomo) – Families, and charming ones, are so rare in the books I read, so the Glass family was real refreshing. Claire is runs a restaurant/bakery, and simply wants to protect her family – even if that means she makes some real questionable choices. Jon is an easygoing dad, who is strong and stubborn (just like Kami) and plays a big role in changing the tide of the war that wages. Ten is a quiet child, often lost in a book, but when he does show snatches of emotion, it’s raw and real. Tomo is the boisterous one, friendly and easygoing like his dad, but also aware of the gravity of things when they happen to him. It was so easy to love Kami’s family, particularly her brothers, and it was so clear how much they all cared about each other too.

the Lynburn family (Lillian, Rosalind, Ash, Rob) – While the Lyburns are more notorious and formal, there’s something that makes them memorable. Rosalind is a faded whisper, only memorable for her fierce love, her past and her choices at pivotal moments. Lillian is a powerhouse who rocks the whole independent queen bee personality. She’s a tough cookie, but it becomes pretty clear that she does have good intentions even if her methods are questionable. Ash, Lillian and Rob’s son, is a charmer, the nice one, the light to Jared’s dark. While he has a good heart, it’s also a testament to how real Brennan wrote him that he also has a dark side that is revealed. And then there’s Rob, who proves to be the most perplexing mystery of all the Lynburns.

the Montgomery siblings (Rusty & Angela) – It would very much please me to have siblings like Rusty and Angela. Angela is Kami’s best friend, always willing to go head to head with her friend. She’s sarcastic, a smart-ass who always has something to say, but underneath all that is a vulnerability and love for her friends. She is the type of gal to always go in swinging, which I totally admired. And Rusty is her older brother, a charmer who is also the reason Angela and Kami and the rest even know how to fight physically. He’s a really good guy, who puts everyone at ease with a well-placed joke or compliment and who cares about the people he loves.

Holly Prescott – Holly is another one of Kami’s friends, an unexpected one at that. She’s got a reputation for being that girl who hangs out with the boys – but we see that there’s a lot more to who she is than just that. She’s funny and clever, and she’s always willing and eager to help out her friends. She goes through a ton of conflict in her own life, and I can totally admire her bravery and love in spite of all the confusing, depressing things that could have potentially brought her down.

Sorry-in-the-Vale – Majority of this tale is set in this small English village, a charming place if you were to view the fabulous map included at the start of each book. Brennan really captures the feel of a small town – the intimacy, the nosiness, the charm, the desire to dig into its history. The names of places are also really fun, and definitely have the same whimsy as Sorry-in-the-Vale does. Since majority of the story takes place here, it’s pretty easy to keep all the locations of note in mind.

Sorcery & legend – There is obviously something magical at play right off the bat, since Kami and Jared are able to speak mind to mind. As the tale unfolds, readers will learn more about the magic in Sorry-in-the-Vale, as well as who is a sorcerer and who is not. Brennan skillfully weaves in the history of the Lynburn family, and their abilities, as well as revealing additional new magical legends at just the right moment. The solid foundation for the magic in the series is done pretty damn well. 

Sarcasm & humor – I laughed out loud multiple times as I read, even going so far as to read some passages out loud to my husband who also thought they were hilarious. Kami herself is definitely funny, and the way she thinks or comments on the goings-on around her is really humorous. But other characters, too, have their moments to shine in the spotlight, whether it comes to sarcasm (Angela pretty much wins this hands down) or humor (Rusty can be pretty funny, as can Jon). Brennan’s knack for weaving in humor and sarcasm in just the right amounts to entertain the reader is unparalleled.

Solving a mystery – Mysteries can be a lot of fun, particularly if readers are invited to figure things out right alongside the main character. It was real fun to join Kami and her friends as they try to solve the mystery surrounding their town. There are creepy circumstances, a curse to be dealt with, a villain to be stopped and they need to put it all together before it’s too late! It’s a thrilling adventure, and I was happy to be along for it.

Sentiments & swoons – Oh man, but my heart went through so much while I read about all of the things that these characters went through. There were plenty of happy, fun, lovely moments; but there were also plenty of terrible, nerve-wracking, sad moments too. It felt like my heartstrings were being tugged every which way constantly, and while it definitely meant a lot of yelling over text to Hannah and venting out loud to my husband, I loved it so. Plus, there were definitely romantic declarations and sweet moments to smile about too.

READ. THE. DAMN. BOOKS. I was swept off my feet by Sarah Rees Brennan and the incredible tale she shared with readers in the Lynburn Legacy! Well-written story + engaging mystery + well-rounded characters + feels and hilarity = an amazing series. If you’ve been hesitant to try these books, or haven’t heard much about this series, please consider this my personal PSA/endorsement and GO GET TO THEM ALREADY. Case closed!

Unspoken / Untold / Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan
Series: The Lynburn Legacy #1-3
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: September 11, 2012 / September 24, 2013 / September 22, 2014
Source/Format: Borrowed from the library || Paperback (1) + Hardcover (2-3)


  1. This was a very clever way to talk about a series. I loved it!

  2. Wow! What an awesome post! I have so much love for this series. So.Much.Love.

  3. I'm rereading Unspoken, and oh man, it's just as awesome as I remember it.

    THE CHARACTERS. THE FEELS. THE ROMANCE. THE HUMOR. THE FRIENDSHIP. EVERYTHING. Like, it's one of those books that gets a huge reaction out of me when I least expect it.

  4. This post is amazing! And I haven't read them yet BUT I WILL! -L


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