March 1, 2018

February 2018

I always underestimate how incredibly jam-packed February tends to get for me, even while knowing that it's likely because it's a shorter month and it's closer to spring and warm weather and I just want out. I'm seriously ready for spring (bring on allergy season, as long as you also bring on the sunshine)! Anyway, as usual, I'll be sharing a little bit of what I've been up to (though there's another Alexa's Adventures update coming up next week too for a more in-depth life update), what books I've read this month (there are two five star reads, as well as one five star manga series) and what's gone up on the blog and channel too.

It was a very busy February, friends! I got to see Waitress again (with Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles in the lead roles), finished binge watching Goblin (so good!) and the first season of The Good Place (also really good!), went snowboarding (and didn't fall at all, which was so cool), attended a couple of book events (Meet Cute launch party, Heart of Iron launch party), celebrated Rachel's birthday, rearranged my bookshelves, and had plenty of ice cream. It was a really good month, and I'm positive March will be even better!

Of my twenty-five reads in the month of February (I know! I'm so surprised that I managed to squeeze in so many things too!), these were my favorites!
American Panda | My Plain Jane (a five star read!) | the Fruits Basket manga series | Roomies | Sense and Sensibility (a reread!) | Daughter of the Siren Queen | To Kill a Kingdom (a five star read and my favorite 2018 book so far!)

If you've missed out on anything that went up on this blog or on our channel, never fear! I always include this section in my monthly recaps to make sure you guys get a chance to check out the stuff that you might have missed when it originally went up.


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