March 23, 2018

Tunes & Tales 2.0 | The Iceland Edition

Before we set off for Iceland, Rachel & I both curated playlists for the trip. (Here's mine, and here's Rachel's!) It's interesting to me that we had very different ideas of what we wanted our playlists to sound (or to evoke), but I love both of them equally! Inspired by songs off our playlists and featuring books each of us read during the trip, I hope you enjoy this month's spin on Tunes & Tales.

Song: Waking Up Slow, as performed by Gabrielle Aplin
Book: Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne
Lyrics: "I can rearrange/Would you do the same?/I don't wanna change/But you're just too good to miss/'Cause I'm intertwined/And I'm running blind/But I don't mind/I'm so glad it came to this"

Alexa's Thoughts: I have been a fan of Gabrielle's music for a couple of years now, and this song is one of her later releases that I'm utterly obsessed with. The lyrics match the feels I have about Blurred Lines perfectly! I read that one on a whim on the flight to Iceland, and it was delightful to see this friends-to-lovers romance play out!

Song: So Good to Me (Radio Edit), as performed by Chris Malinchak
Book: Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
Lyrics: "You've been so good to me/Give you anything/You've been so good to me/Your love inside me/Oh baby, you're my consolation/Oh baby, there's no hesitation"

Alexa's Thoughts: This is actually Rachel's pick (both song and book), but I have thoughts since Sweet Filthy Boy was my last read of the trip (though I finished it in New York).  The song itself is a cool bop, since it gives me a very chill, positive vibe when I listen to it. Major bonus? The lyrics fit Mia and Ansel's romance to a tee.

Song: Volcanic Love, as performed by The Aces
Book: Scorched by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Lyrics: "I get the feeling/You worry 'bout me way too much/Caught in the moment/We love what can't be good for us/And I've been sinking/Into my sheets alone at night/Under the ashes/The heat you left just won't subside"

Alexa's Thoughts: When Macky first heard this song, he was surprised that it would be on my playlist since it's not normally the kind of music I listen to. But there was just something about the melody that appealed to me, so onto my playlist it went! It just worked out so perfectly that this song just describes the relationship that develops between Tanner and Andrea in this book.

Song: Ghost, as performed by Chelsea Lankes
Book: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Lyrics: "You've got me chasing promises on the horizon/They come and go/All these visions come and go/And I keep chasing knowing I will never find them/Visions come and go/Visions come and go/This love is a ghost"

Alexa's Thoughts: Both Rachel and I only brought one physical book with us to Iceland, and it was Shadow and Bone because we both had a random urge to reread the series! It was fun revisiting this story and these characters, and when Rachel brought me this song and book pairing, I had to applaud her for the perfection of it. Ghost is how I imagined Alina felt for a lot of the story, so it works!

Song: Feel the Waters, as performed by Sarah Reeves
Book: All of You by Christina Lee
Lyrics: "You didn't run away/When I let you down, let you down/And I didn't look away/When you turned around, turned around/We're standing face to face/Even in the doubt, in the doubt, in the doubt"

Alexa's Thoughts: If there is one song on my Iceland playlist that I felt captured a good chunk of the vibe I intended it to have, it would be this one. I really just like everything about this track - the melody, the lyrics, the artist's vocals. Anyway, it was when I was listening to it for the umpteenth time that I realized that it worked well as a pair for the romance between Bennet and Avery.

If you're interested in checking out the rest of our playlists, you can check them out below or click on the links I included earlier.


  1. Oh, I love this lots :D You always listen to so much music and they all seem so good. And love when you pair them with books :D Eee. Awesome picks. <3


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