February 2, 2018

Sis Switch #1 | Flatlay

It's been such a treat having both of my sisters in New York with me! Mel has been with me since I returned in 2013 post-wedding, but Rachel joined us last year in October and has plans to stay for some time. One of my favorite things about having Rachel in town is that, as a fellow blogger (here's her personal blog), is that we like to toss around ideas and mull over collaborations. It was during one of those conversations that Sis Switch was born! It is, essentially, a blog feature where we 'switch' it up when it comes to the things that interest us. In Rachel's case, that means she'll be sharing her thoughts each month on a book that she's read. In my case, that means taking the time to work on my photography skills.

For the month of January, Rachel challenged me to try and practice doing flat lay shots. Now, I've been working hard to make my Instagram feed look how I want it to, and it's been really fun to try new things and figure out aesthetically pleasing (to me) shots for photos! Flat lays, however, are my biggest challenge to date, as I have a hard time when it comes to organizing the shot in terms of items, spacing and lighting. I feel like I'm improving with every practice session, and while there's a long way to go, I wanted to share a shot I was particularly proud of for today's Sis Switch update.

I really like how this shot turned out! Not only do I get to feature one of my favorite books I've ever read (please, please, please read The Cruel Prince if you haven't already - especially if you like darker fantasy reads!), some lovely book swag and a candle I'm obsessed with from Canterbury Road Co (you can use my rep code ALEXA17 to get 17% off if you order from that shop!), but the colors just make such a pleasing combination all together. What do you think of my flatlay photo? Any flatlay tips for me?


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