September 21, 2017

Turn of the Season | Hello, Fall • Autumn Aesthetic

I cannot tell you guys how thrilled I am to collaborate with my friend Kristin of Super Space Chick to bring you Turn of the Season, an event that celebrates our love of our two favorite seasons - summer and autumn. We'll be looking back at the summer that's passed, as well as looking ahead at the autumn to come, and we hope you enjoy coming along for the ride!

One of my favorite things about the turn of the season from summer to autumn is getting the chance to shop for new wardrobe additions! I recently did a closet clean (which is so very therapeutic for me), and it allowed me to see what I wanted to add to fill in the blank spaces. I also like to think about what my 'look' for the season will be every year before I even go shopping! Check out a few items below that I'm planning to add to my wardrobe (or am impatiently awaiting the arrival of in my mailbox as I may have done a little shopping already...)

I've been drawn immediately to anything with floral prints or embroidery on it lately. I really just love my florals, especially when they're paired with my favorite neutral black background. I just knew I needed to find a few statement pieces that would incorporate well with the other items in my closet, and these three fit the bill! (Items can be found here: sweatshirt with printed design | denim jacket | floral embroidered mini skirt)

I also like picking up clothes that are in my usual neutral shades (white and black mostly, though I also have a bit of navy) to add to my closet. Not only do they add something fresh to my collection and for me to play around with, they also usually end up being long-term standbys in my closet too.  (Items can be found here: short skirt | blouse with lace collar | Gigi pant with pockets)

While I usually resort to my default black/white/denim wardrobe (especially when I'm heading to work day in and day out), I cannot help the love I have for occasional pops of color. I like to find pieces in shades that have the feel of the season, and for fall that usually means a slightly darker palette. (Items can be found here: Fall Potluck Overalls | Overall Winner Jumper in Wine, AEO Cross Stitch Sweater)

I used to think it would be so hard to have statement pieces, since I'd feel like I could only wear them once every so often. But I've realized that isn't true at all, and have fully embraced picking up unique pieces here and there to add to my closet. Also, yes, I realize that one of these is seasonally on the nose but... I can't even bring myself to mind. (Items can be found here: Hogwarts Hufflepuff school skirt | Heart and Solar System A-Line Dress | Scenic Fall A-Line Skirt Cotton Skirt with Pockets

Obviously, no outfit would be complete without accessories. As the weather changes, I also find my accessories need to change with it - hence my search for new shoes, hair pieces and more. Here are three of the items I've already picked up, among the selection that I've been eyeing over the past few weeks - and I adore them all. (Items can be found here: Hair Decoration with Flowers | Selena Grace Bag in Mixed Leathers | faux suede embroidered boots)

The five sections in this post are a pretty good summary of the fall aesthetic I'm channeling this year! Just throw in some plaid flannel shirts, blanket scarves, hot mugs of cider/tea/coffee, and you'll basically have the equivalent of what I'll be looking like all fall. What's your fall aesthetic? What's on your fall shopping list?

Bonus! Here are some of my former "fall" looks, in case you were interested in seeing the other aesthetics I've embraced over the years. Can you tell I gravitate towards very similar things in general every time fall rolls around?





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