September 20, 2017

Turn of the Season | Hello, Fall • Autumn Bucket List

I cannot tell you guys how thrilled I am to collaborate with my friend Kristin of Super Space Chick to bring you Turn of the Season, an event that celebrates our love of our two favorite seasons - summer and autumn. We'll be looking back at the summer that's passed, as well as looking ahead at the autumn to come, and we hope you enjoy coming along for the ride!

Autumn is upon us! (Or very nearly upon us, since apparently, it starts on September 22.) But I'm more than ready for plaids, flannel, darker shades of red, gold and blue, candles, cozy sweaters and fluffy blankets, all things apple, cooler weather, shorter days and lots of holiday celebrations to come. We thought it'd be a fun idea to share our fall bucket lists with you all today! So, without further ado, here are the seven things I would most like to do this fall.

Visit Central Park when the leaves change. I don't go to Central Park as often as I'd like to, but I usually try to go and visit when the fall foliage is at its peak. I definitely want to make that a priority this year, since the sight is always so beautiful (and often stirs up all of my feels too). I'd love to try and make it to Bear Mountain too, if I'm able!

Attend New York Comic Con. Macky and I attended NYCC for the first time last year, and it was a glorious experience for both us. While it's only in recent years that my true fangirl self has made an appearance, I have embraced it wholeheartedly and NYCC is one of the best places to feed the fandom. (Check out last year's vlog and haul!) (We also happen to be attending Anime Con and I am so excited for that!)

Read all the series books. Hi, my name is Alexa, and I'm notorious for avoiding (most) series books these days. I've seriously been avoiding the final books, (*coughs* The Winner's Kiss, The Beauty of Darkness, The Raven King, A Million Worlds with You), the sequels (*coughs* A Torch Against the Night, The Hammer of Thor, Now I Rise, Royal Tour, The Long Game) and the starters (*coughs* Stalking Jack the Ripper, Strange the Dreamer, Heir to Sevenwaters, Shadowfell, A Darker Shade of Magic) for majority of this year. Since most of these are fantasy, I figured waiting until fall could be my (fake but totally plausible) excuse for not getting to them yet this year. Here's to hoping I read at least half of the books on this list!

Write for NaNoWriMo. I originally toyed with the idea of saying that I'd write a full novel. But I just don't see that realistically happening, since I'm still simmering some of my ideas (especially the newest one) and doing some other research. But I do want to join in on NaNoWriMo, so I'll definitely be writing during November! I'll likely either be tentatively starting the WIP I'm currently working on in my head or continuing with the fan fic I've been writing since February of this year.

Bake an apple pie. I have never made a pie before in my life, if I'm being completely honest. But there's just something about the idea of baking one, especially in this season when apple picking is a popular activity, that appeals to me. If you guys have any pie recipes to recommend to me, I'd be happy to check them out! (Wish me luck, as I've only get very basic cooking skills.)

Make my own candles. I love supporting all of the candle shops I love (Also, quick aside, but I've been chosen as a term rep for Canterbury Road Co, which means you can use ALEXA17 on your order to get a discount, yay!), but I would like to experiment with making some of my own candles. There are a few specific ones I'd be interested in trying to do, and luckily, I have Macky and a couple of friends (Kristin included) who are totally into the idea!

Have a cozy anime binge day. I'm a huge fan of binge watching anime series (which is how I finished Naruto and Naruto Shippuden in under half a year despite the bazillion episodes), so I definitely want to set aside a weekend where all I do is binge watch one of the anime series I've been meaning to start or rewatch. I definitely plan on having a hot drink, a cozy blanket and some delicious snacks on hand too!

Friends, those are the seven things that I'm hoping to do during the autumn season! I would love to be able to cross all of them off of my list, but only time will tell if I'm able. What's on your fall bucket list?


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