September 2, 2017

Filed Under Gotta Know What Happens Next: Macky Reads Fablehaven

Fablehaven book cover
That Brandon Mull was at BEA this year is one thing. But that I was also able to get a chance to grab Fablehaven, one of the two books he was signing for this year is nothing short of brilliant. That long line? The hype? The kind of slow build-up, but then suddenly, the book loses all chill at the drop of a hat? Totally worth it. I haven't felt this way since I slammed face first into the lore of Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children series.

Read a blurb for Fablehaven and you'll think, "Well, okay, magical creatures in a magical creature wildlife preserve? Ancient rules governing that preserve that if broken could unleash all hell? All of this stuff, and then some... Just let me read it already."

I won't lie - I felt the start was a bit slow. But when it hits that very late big conflict (after quite a few other crises), boy, oh boy, do things heat up. It goes from zero to five hundred, with loss of all current and foreseeable chill. Hell breaks loose, and you are left there thinking, "Good heavens, but that one kid is still doing the dumbest schtick ever, but I need to know what happens next!"

Fablehaven has a huge world with this ominous thread looming over it. At the core of it, there is a family who will have no choice but to fight for what's right in this magical creature infested world. Pick it up. Give it a chance. The end just leaves so much hanging about the world that I want to know, nay, need to know what happens next. Do I love all the characters? No. It's really the world that I'm in love with, and I owe it to that world to see what happens next. Fablehaven has been out for quite some time now, so go and grab a copy!

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull | Series: Fablehaven #1
Publisher: Aladdin | Publication Date: April 24, 2007
Source: Paperback received at BEA (Thanks!)


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