January 31, 2017

January 2017 (+ January Flights of Fantasy Linky)

January has passed in a blur of cold wintry days, lazy weekends spent lounging and reading and catching up on all our TV shows and long weeks of work. Let's not forget to mention the underlying anxiety that's been dogging me all month, related to what's going on in the world to date. But, all in all, January was a solid start to a new year.

My favorite thing about January is that it started off on a lovely sunny day where we (Macky, myself, Mel & Kahl) went off to Central Park for a walk, and ended with our first Shake Shack of the new year. I also got to attend the Wayfarer event at Books of Wonder, and found it truly delightful to see Alex again. Dress fittings, dinners out, brunch dates, music sessions, reading binges - it was really very chill.

As of January 30, I managed to read a total of 18 books, as well as 12 comics/manga/graphic novels. Apart from that, I'm be finishing up an audiobook today, as well as hopefully finishing the portion of Les Miserables that I'm meant to read this month. But that's off topic; let's get to my favorites of the month!


One month has passed, and I've already managed to read quite a lot of fantasy! I'm pretty pleased with my progress - 19 books (11 graphic novels or manga, 1 reread and 7 books, to be specific). I read Passenger, Wayfarer, Monstress, Blueberry Pancakes Forever, Traveler, Naruto Vol. 63-72, Rise of Fire, Wintersong, The Bone Queen and Zodiac Starforce: By the Power of Astra. What fantasy books have you read this month? Don't forget to link up to your reviews, TBRs, or other fantasy-related posts below! (Don't forget that you've still got time to sign up for Flights of Fantasy 2017! If you want more information, here's the introduction and sign-up post.)

I'm also thrilled to announce that the sign-ups for the 2017 Love-a-Thon are officially here! Please check out the introduction post for details, and feel free to tweet me any questions (or leave a comment down below).


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