January 4, 2017

The Picky Pledge: 2016 Review

Guess what's back, back again this 2017? It's The Picky PledgeHannah of So Obsessed With & I have teamed up for the past two years in order to hold each other accountable when it comes to the books we acquire to read and to keep as part of our personal library collections. If you're interested in more details, check out the 2015 introduction post or come back tomorrow to see our official updated 2017 introduction post!

As this is our third year of collaborating on The Picky Pledge, Hannah & I are changing things up just a little bit. But before we tell you about how 2017 is going to go, we both thought we'd share one thing we learned from this past year and our main goal for the year to come. (P.S. If you're interested, check out my 2016 book stats.)

I slowly trained myself to buy less books. If you look at the number of books I collectively purchased in 2016, you'd probably find this statement unbelievable. But the truth is, I bought a ton of these books in the beginning half of the year. But after my birthday? The number of books I purchased in any given month dropped. It's been a process of trial and error, but I think I'm really getting the hang of determining what books I'd really like to acquire for my collection and which ones I can actually live without.

I need to really take a good, long, hard look at my review books. Honestly, I really struggle with keeping the number of review books I read down! It's partially because I'm genuinely interested in and excited about reading a lot of titles early, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do so. But it's also partially because I have a hard time skipping out on them or saying no even when I likely should. I'm hoping to not acquire as many in the new year, and to successfully topple the review book TBR I already have.

Were you more intentional with your reading and reviewing choices in 2016?

Check back tomorrow for all the details on The Picky Pledge in 2017!


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