January 13, 2017

All Good Things #2

While I was in the office last Friday, the first official work Friday of the new year, I was struck with a blend of anxiety and panic. I traced its origins to a combination of sleep deprivation (I'd had a late night prior) and clutter stress (from the mounds of paper taking up desk space and making me feel trapped), leading into feeling generally anxious about my life and the future. I don't know, but it occurred to me to bring back something I'd done last year - a list of all the good things that make me happy at the moment. It's a great way to remind myself that things aren't all bad, and that there are definitely things to celebrate! I'd highly encourage making your own list, especially if you're prone to anxiety like I am.

newly rearranged book shelves
walking through Central Park on a sunny afternoon
the Shroom Burger from Shake Shack
festive lights in our living room
life organization and to do lists
savoring a really good book
wearing cozy socks
watching the snow fall outside my window
three amazing books in a row
feeling eager to blog again
watching movies that inspire me creatively
Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate
Castle on the Hill
finding out Michelle Branch is going to release a new album
being surrounded by people who inspire me

What good things are you grateful for right now?


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