January 24, 2017

Alexa's A to Z | Passenger Duology

Passenger book cover
I absolutely love Alexandra Bracken's Passenger duology - Passenger and Wayfarer. It is a cleverly constructed, incredibly imagined story of time travel and adventure, of family and friendship and romance, of questions of morality and truth.

Passenger is the start of the journey, where Henrietta "Etta" Spencer is kidnapped and finds herself in a world of time travel and traveler clans. She's forced to go on a scavenger hunt through time and space for a family heirloom she's never heard about before, in order to save her mother. Fortunately, she's not alone - she's got the help of Nicholas Carter, a slave's child and a sailor determined to find his freedom on the open sea, and a few other people along the way. Wayfarer is the sequel that reveals the consequences of the first novel's events. It is the beginning of a second journey for Etta and Nicholas, one where the stakes are even higher and the outcome ever more uncertain than the first. It's a clashing of goals and morals, of families and friends and foes, and it finishes out the duology beautifully.

Wayfarer book cover
Both novels are incredible stories! I loved the way time travel was constructed, especially because Bracken really defined the parameters. I loved the way the different time periods and settings were written, because the level of detail - in clothing, location, food and other little things - was incredible and immersive. I loved the characters and their relationships, how every single one of the main players was an incredibly complex individual who was neither good nor bad just morally gray. And I loved how exciting the story was - the hijinks, the battles, the near misses, the triumphs. It was all just extremely well-crafted, and I loved every single bit. If you've yet to read the Passenger duology, you absolutely must. It's an adventure that you don't want to miss out on, narrated by characters that you'll be certain to love - and it's wonderful from start to finish.

Passenger / Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken | Series: Passenger #1-2
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion | Publication Dates: January 5, 2016 / January 3, 2017
Source: Hardcover purchased from Books of Wonder / Hardcover sent by publisher (Thanks!)

Additionally, because of my deep love for this series, I decided to create a new Alexa's A to Z video. In this video, I give you 26 reasons - one for each letter - that I absolutely loved these books (spoiler-free) in the hopes of convincing you further that you must read this series. I hope that you enjoy it!


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