January 9, 2017

The Year of Recommended Reads

I teamed up with Lindsey of Bring My Books last year to bring you a feature called Tracking Down Tunes, where we came up with fun monthly playlists centered around all sorts of themes. We had so much fun collaborating on that particular feature that we decided we wanted to do something together again this 2017. After mulling over our options, we came up with something that we're both super excited to be doing together. Our new feature is called...

What does this mean for us and for you? Well, for us, it means that we'll be reading one book together each month - one book that's either 1) been on our Goodreads TBRs for a while and neither of us have read it or 2) one of us has read it and really wants to the other to read it as well. For you, it means getting a chance to see our thoughts on these books at the end of every month. It's as simple as that, but we hope you'll enjoy seeing our thoughts on all twelve of the books we've chosen for 2017!

Before I reveal the full book line-up, let me tell you about what to expect in our reviews. In every single TYRR review, you'll see the following things:
  • the reason we wanted to to read the book, or the reason why we wanted the other person to read the book
  • a summary of the book
  • status updates from Goodreads (every 50 pages)
  • a review
  • our favorite characters, quotes and scenes (non-spoilery, as much as possible)

I'm really excited about working with Lindsey on another incredible feature! It's going to be so fun for us to have yet another thing to talk about and to collaborate on. Now, I know you must be wondering what's on our reading list. Well, you don't have to wonder much longer - here's what we'll be reading each month of 2017.

We hope that you'll follow along on our TYRR reading adventures, and that you'll enjoy seeing our thoughts every month on all of these books. I, for one, am definitely excited and totally ready for this new collaboration to begin!


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