TGIF (32): Throwback TGIF

July 20, 2012

TGIF at GReads is a feature by the fabulous Ginger, who asks us a fun question to answer every week. It's always a joy to be a part of this, and I think everyone certainly should try it out!

Pick a previous question you posted on your blog in the past & revisit your answer. Has it changed since then?

The Question
Show & Tell: Where do you grab a book and get lost in it? Show us your favorite spot you like to read at.

My answer to this question has definitely changed, if only because I've moved into an apartment with two of my best friends! To see my former answer, click here.

Nowadays, in the new apartment, I read in two specific spots - our couch and my bed.

I love reading in both these spots because it's just so comfortable! I love being relaxed when I read and I can definitely do that at both these spots. Plus, on the couch, I have natural daylight filtering in through the window and the TV right in front of me. And on my bed, I've got pillows and a bedside table at my disposal!


  1. Love reading in my bed. Don't know why - probably because it's so darn comfy. :) -S

  2. Natural light is the BEST! I really like reading on my bed too, it's all about comfort.

  3. I always read on our couch or on a futon in my crafting/reading room. If I read in bed, my eyelids get droopy and I don't stay awake for very long. HAHA

  4. Aaaaw! Pwetty pictures! Both places LOOK really comfortable! And from what I can tell, you have one awesome bedroom! :D

    Patricia // My Hop

  5. Just thinking about this question makes me realize that I read in a whole lot of places. But my favorite is probably the couch-- can't beat the comfort of a place you're meant to sit/lay!

  6. They both look like places you could read for a looooong time! :) I love your polka dotted pillowcase! I prefer reading on the couch to reading in bed, cause I kinda fall asleep when I read in bed most of the time...

  7. I love reading in bed too - But I get tired too fast most of the time! Usually I'm on the couch or the chair I set up in my "new" library nook haha :) The best place is outside, weather permitting!!

  8. I love your couch! It look super comfy.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  9. I love that you're living with friends, yay (and sharing nail polish!) I love reading on the couch and I only read in bed right before I'm about to go to sleep :)

  10. That couch looks SO squishy and comfy! And you can't beat reading in bed :)

  11. I love your reading spots, they are awesome! :)


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