Rewind & Review: July + Review Copy Cleanup: August

July 10, 2012

Rewind & Review is a great monthly feature started by Ginger of GReads! and Lisa of Lisa is Busy Nerding. Each month, participants will set aside some "older" titles to read and review on their blogs. This feature is the perfect opportunity to get around to reading that title you've been eyeing for years or that book that's been in your TBR for what feels like forever. For more information, you can visit this post.

I'm cheating a little bit with this one, because I actually already read one of the books that I plan to review this month. But I figured, the point of the whole thing is to bring attention to older titles - and my aim is still to do just that. So here are the books that I plan to read for July.

Title: Castles
Author: Julie Garwood
Series: Crown's Spies #4
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: July 1, 1993
Orphaned and besieged, Princess Alesandra knew that only hasty marriage to an Englishman could protect her from the turmoil in her own land. To the amusement of her makeshift guardian, Colin, younger brother of the Marquess of Cainewood, the bold raven-haired beauty instantly captivated London society. But when Alesandra was nearly abducted by her unscrupulous countrymen, the fighting instincts that won Colin a knighthood for valor were kindled.

Deceiving himself that he wanted only to protect her, Colin swept her into a union meant to be a marriage in name alone...yet Alesandra's tender first kiss and hesitant caress ignited a wildfire in his soul. As the lovely princess dashed headlong into unforeseen dangers, Colin would follow, knowing he must claim her as his own forever. Now he would risk life itself before he would lose this sweet, tempestuous angel...

Title: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Author: Stephen Chbosky
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication Date: February 1, 1999
Charlie is a freshman. And while he's not the biggest geek in the school, he is by no means popular. Shy, introspective, intelligent beyond his years yet socially awkward, he is a wallflower, caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it. Charlie is attempting to navigate his way through uncharted territory: the world of first dates and mixed tapes, family dramas and new friends; the world of sex, drugs, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, when all one requires is that perfect song on that perfect drive to feel infinite. But Charlie can't stay on the sideline forever. Standing on the fringes of life offers a unique perspective. But there comes a time to see what it looks like from the dance floor. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a deeply affecting coming-of-age story that will spirit you back to those wild and poignant roller-coaster days known as growing up.

Title: Jellicoe Road
Author: Melina Marchetta
Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication Date: March 9, 2010 (first published August 28, 2006)
This absorbing, award-winning novel is part love story, part family drama, and part coming-of-age story in one compelling tale. If Taylor Markham can put together the pieces of her past and present, she might just be able to change her future.


The last time I attempted to do this, I wasn't able to accomplish much because I ended up preoccupied with traveling and reunions and other fun stuff. This August, however, I'm determined to finish catching up on ALL of my leftover review books (which is quite a few, thank you very much) and I'm pretty excited to be participating in the Review Copy Cleanup, August Edition hosted by Vicky & Celine. For more information on the actual event, check out this post.


  1. Wowwww that cover for Perks is beautiful. I like it so much more than the standard minimalist green cover. I'm excited for you to read that and Jellicoe Road. Those are two fantastic reads. Jellicoe takes a little getting used to with the way the story is told, but it's fantastic. Melina is amazing! :)

    1. I loved the cover of Perks too when I saw it in the bookstore. I hadn't seen this one before, but snapped it up immediately. I've already read it, and I loved it.

      And I'm excited to read Jellicoe Road! I'm taking it with me to the beach this weekend, so hopefully, I get through a good chunk of it. I'm excited.

  2. I really should read The Perks of Being A Wallflower! I've heard of it, but really never thought twice about it. It looks good!

    Yay for the review copy cleanup! I'm actually in a bit of a cleanup mode myself right now ... slowly working my way through -- we'll see what I have left for August.

    1. Yes, you should! The book is really good. And plus, the movie is coming out!

      And I hope you can join RCC. It's pretty fun and a great way to motivate yourself to get through your review books.

  3. Hah, there's no way I'd be able to clean up all my review copies in one month, but I think it's a great aim to read through as many as possible.

    Ooooo I bought a bunch of Julie Garwood's when Borders was going out of business but have not read them yet. Soon.

    1. Ooh, which ones did you get? I love a LOT of her books. She's one of my favorite romance authors!

      Also, I don't have too many (I think less than 15 at the moment), so I should get through a good bit of it, hopefully ;)

  4. I have Jellicoe Road on my TBR too!! Also this Julie Garwood book intrigues me.

    1. I'm reading it this weekend at the beach! And yes, read this Julie Garwood book (and the rest of the books in this series) - it's one of my favorites!

  5. Been wanting to read Jellicoe Road forever now!!!

    1. Me too! I can't wait to crack it open this weekend!

  6. PERKS!!!! I cannot wait to hear your thoughts after reading this one. I fully welcome DMs/texts/gchats to discuss :)

    1. YES! I will totally hit you up about it one of these days. I've already finished it and <3

  7. I just finished Perks last night and it was really wonderful. I am looking forward to the movie since the author also wrote the screenplay and directed it!

    Kate @ Ex Libris


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