July 19, 2012

Letters, Lies, Love • A Waltz at Midnight

A Waltz at Midnight book cover
A Waltz at Midnight by Christa McHugh
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: February 27, 2012
Source/Format: NetGalley (Thanks!) || e-galley
[I received this book from the publisher. This in no way affects the opinions in my review.]

When her mistress receives an utterly unromantic letter from a potential suitor, servant Susanna Parkwell is asked to craft an appropriate response. Though hesitant to take part in the deception, Susanna agrees, never dreaming the scorned suitor will write back.

Theodore Blakely abhors being pressured by his family to marry, but he's intrigued by the witty refusal he receives from "Charlotte". After exchanging more letters, Ted believes he's found a soul mate in his thoughtful and understanding correspondent, and asks permission to formally court her.

Though racked with guilt over her lies, Susanna can't resist the opportunity to meet Ted in person. So she poses as Charlotte at a holiday ball, where she vows to tell him the truth. But when the clock strikes midnight, will Susanna have the courage to reveal her identity and risk losing the man she loves?

Oh, I absolutely adore a cute romance - and A WALTZ AT MIDNIGHT actually delivers that! I was drawn to the romance between Susanna and Theodore like a moth to a flame, mostly because it was sweet and endearing. This story is definitely a Cinderella tale... but I still liked it! 

My favorite aspect of the story is that Theodore, otherwise known as Ted, and Susanna communicate initially through letters. Sure, Susanna is participating in a deception as instructed by her mistress, but really, who wouldn’t fall in love with a romance that started that way? When they finally met in person, my heart sighed with joy and relief. 

Though the setting and the other characters are not too remarkable, I certainly enjoyed reading A WALTZ AT MIDNIGHT. It was a quick, utterly adorable and very much enjoyable novel - and I will definitely be checking out more of CHRISTA MCHUGH’s work.


  1. I haven't read many romance novels, because there are so many out there and I'm not sure which one is good. I will give this one a try. I am in the mood for something quick and pleasant. Thanks for the review!


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