January 30, 2012

A Touch Awesome Blog Tour: Week Two

One of the tours I'm most pleased about participating in this month is the A Touch Awesome blog tour, hosted by Cate and Katelyn. This is a promotional blog tour filled with posts about A Touch Mortal, an amazing novel by Leah Clifford - and which I can't believe I only read last week! I meant to participate in the stop for last week, but since I wasn't able to post in time, you lucky people will be getting a glimpse instead at my swoon-worthy moments from A Touch Mortal this week.

Top 5 Swoon-worthy Moments

She met his eyes for the first time. He jerked forward suddenly, more of a stumble than a step, as if she'd yanked him closer by some invisible string. She should have shot off some comment about staying out of her personal space but the retorts vanished, her thoughts melting away like scorched snowflakes. It was almost too bad his pick-up lines weren't as pretty as his eyes. Their color like cooled anger. Blue sea glass.
(Now that is one heck of an (sort of) first impression - I would have been stunned into silence too)

"You're staring at me," she said. He didn't answer, pulling her with him as he leaned back on the bed. Everything about her felt numbered. He kissed her hard, his lips greedy. He wanted her, the need hitting him in a rush. Wanted her now, while she was mortal.
(This bit of scene was so steamy and I absolutely loved it. I love how Az feels for Eden!)

"I want you to close your eyes. I want you to fall asleep first."
"Why?" she asked, suddenly afraid he would slip out of the room as soon as she did.
"Because I'll be here in the morning."
(Adam won my heart over too with this little scene. I totally sighed.)

"He's my friend. But you need to do what's right for you." He stopped, his eyes drawing her in. "You know I've got your back no matter what happens with that, right?"
(Eden is one lucky girl. Jarrod's declaration of friendship was so powerful in this part.)

She felt Az's arm at her waist, turned into his arms. 
"I thought I was going to lose you," she said, tucking her head onto his shoulder. He rubbed a hand down her back, ran the fingers of his other hand through her hair.
"Never." He pulled back, gazing into her eyes. "I love you."
She ached to kiss him, knew she couldn't. "I love you too."
(There are no words to express how much I love this scene.)


  1. I did! I'm so glad you and Katelyn decided to do the blog tour - I ended up enjoying what I read!

  2. My favorite is the bit with Adam, to be perfectly honest. It's just so... sweet <3

  3. I am officially a blogger fail face for just NOW getting to this. I want to send you a big, giant hug for participating in this with Cate and I! Seriously, it means so much to me. Also, you had some pretty awesome picks! They are making me swoon all over again!

  4. I love your choices!!! There are so many great scenes in this book. Glad you loved it so much!!! <3


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