January 30, 2012

I'll Make a Man Out of You • Venture Untamed

Venture Untamed book cover
Venture Untamed by R.H. Russell
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: September 24, 2011
Source/Format: Author (Thanks) || e-galley
[I received this from R.H. Russell. This in no way affects my review.]

Venture Delving is a bonded servant. But when his energetic fighting skills save the life of Jade, his best friend and his master's daughter, Venture finds himself in a place he never expected to be: a training center where young boys learn to become professional fighters.

With his status, his past and the more privileged members of society trying to hold him back, Venture is faced with a choice - to pursue the dream of becoming a professional fighter or to cower back into submission forever. And this choice will change his life forever.

Venture Untamed is an enthralling, captivating tale that follows the story of Venture, a boy bondsman caught between the constraints of his class, his dream of being a prize fighter and his feelings for his childhood friend Jade.

I rarely read books with male protagonists, so I was definitely surprised by this one. R.H. Russell did an incredible job with the storytelling, enticing me to care about Venture and what would become of him. The world he created for the readers, the interactions between the characters, the characters – everything was quite well done, colored with relevant details. One of the things that I absolutely must highlight is the detailed and realistic fight scenes – I thought they were interesting to read.

With a colorful cast of characters, an intense context and a male protagonist you can root for, Venture Untamed is definitely a story worth reading.


  1. I'm very glad to be posting a lot of lesser-known titles on the blog. It's always a treat to find something unexpected like this! I really still am thinking about the story and I want to find out what happens next to Venture!

    (Thanks! I'm so excited to have made it past 300!)

  2. (Oh, and congrats on just passing 300 followers! That's quite an accomplishment. :))

  3. I love your 150-word reviews! Short and sweet. :) This book has not come across my radar yet, but it sounds interesting. I know what you mean about the lack of male protagonists these days. I really enjoy them, but they're hard to find. Thanks for bringing something new to my attention! I love how you read lesser-known titles. I always know I can find something different over here!


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