January 25, 2012

He's a Mystery • Embrace

Embrace book cover
Embrace by Cherie Colyer
Series: The Embrace Series #1
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Publication Date: December 20, 2011
Source: Publisher (Thanks!) || e-book
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Madison's life is pretty normal: she had an awesome best friend, the girl who hated her, the ex-boyfriend who moved away, high school studies to deal with. But everything changes the moment newcomer Isaac comes into her life.

Instantly drawn to this mysterious stranger, she soon realizes that he's harboring a secret. When her best friend experiences strange delusions, nothing can prepare her for the incredible discovery that she's about to make - a discovery that will change her entire life in an instant.

The Story

I was completely taken by surprise when I read Embrace, because I hadn't known what to expect from reading the blurb. I refuse to spoil the novel for you, but I will say this - major discoveries are made, friendships are formed and some really cool things that I wish I could make happen do happen in this book. It's the unexpected twists and turns that made this novel so fun to read - and trust me, there are quite a few of them.

The budding romance between Madison and Isaac initially moved a little too fast for me at the beginning of the novel. There was quite a bit of eye-rolling on my part as I watched them go from acquaintances to a relationship at 100mph. But once the strangely strong attraction was explained a little more, I was able to let go of my reservations and enjoy their relationship.  

The Characters

Embrace primarily revolves around Madison, a girl who is doing her best to deal with the changes that come with growing up, falling in love and high school life. It's definitely a period in your life where a lot of confusion reigns, but it is also a period where you're more likely to be open to the possibilities presented to you - and, in that sense, Madison fits the profile of your typical teen. One of the best parts about Madison is that she's simply a regular girl - she's intelligent, interesting and genuinely nice. She's got an inquisitive mind, demanding answers to things she can't explain.  I think my favorite aspect of her life, however, is how she juggles the healthy relationships she has with her family and friends - she was extremely loyal and demonstrated her care and concern many times over. 

Isaac, on the other hand, is a primary example of my type of boy in YA fiction - handsome and mysterious. Like Madison felt, I was extremely interested in learning more about who he was and what part he was to play in her life from the start. He seemed quite mature for his age, demonstrating wisdom and intelligence and I especially loved how he eventually came to be protective over Madison. He's a natural leader, and his take-charge personality was definitely attractive. The only fault I could find with him was his temper - and how that could rage out of control. But I think the fact that he is genuinely interested in Madison and would do anything for her gives him plus points.

Personally, I say you should...

... read this novel if you're a fan of young adult novels with a paranormal twist. It's a refreshing take on a familiar aspect of the paranormal, as well as just generally a light read.

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  1. Looks interesting - great review!

  2. Thanks for the insightful review of Embrace and I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I'd like to also thank you for being a stop on the tour. Your time is really appreciated.


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