January 6, 2012

TGIF (14): Reading Resolutions

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What are some of your reading goals for the New Year?

I'm going to direct you guys over to this post, where I talk in depth about the bookish, blogging and writing resolutions I made for 2012.  That post was inspired by my friends Estelle & Magan over at Rather Be Reading.

But, to put it simply, here are my reading goals for 2012:

Read 120 books.
I finished more than that number this year, so I'm pretty confident about this.

Complete the 2012 Debut Authors Challenge, YA Mythology Challenge, Reading Romances Challenge and the Award-winning Challenge.
That's a lot of challenges, but I figure all the books I'm reading will go towards that 120 total.

Read the books in my book pile.
I think I have about forty unread books on that pile, so I better get to work!

Borrow more books from the library.
This is a great way to save money, read more and make good use of my library card.

That's it for my reading resolutions for this year.
What are your resolutions?


  1. So am I! We must really use our libraries more.

  2. Laura @ The Traveling OwlFebruary 6, 2012 at 12:08 PM

    Great list. I have so many books to catch up on, too. I know how you feel!

    I recently got a library card after living in my new city for over a year. It's like hitting the jackpot. They have such a good selection, it's amazing.

    The only problem I'm running into is having too many books to read. Good problem, I'd say.

    Good luck!

    Laura @ The Traveling Owl

  3. I *wish* I could use the library more. I live in a very rural area, and the library there doesn't offer much. :( That is a really good goal. Hope we both stick to our resolution to knock out some of our owned books...before those piles get even MORE unmanageable!

  4. Do you visit mid-Manhattan Library? Over there alone, I already have too many books I want to check out and read ;)

  5. We definitely will... I think *smiles* I'm sure we'll at least manage to read some really great books!

  6. Yes! I'm trying to remedy the no $$ by doing exactly that - utilizing my library more!

  7. I miss the library! I keep taking it for granted that there's a place where I can get awesome books... for free! ;)

  8. Thanks for the follow! And I'm a first timer for DAC too, so I'm pretty excited :)

  9. Great goals. I'm excited about participating in the DAC challenge for the first time :)

    I've found that I make more use of the library not that they offer kindle lending. It's so convenient.

    Thanks for stopping by my TGIF. I'm a new follower :)

    Steph @ The Caffeinated Reader

  10. I actually just requested a few books from my library. First time in ages, but I want to get caught up on 2011 books I missed. Love the library!

    Great goals!

  11. Great goals and resolutions. Good luck. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Jennifer@Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

  12. Excellent resolutions for the year. I would love to be able to read 100+ books in a year but school keeps getting in the way. Good luck to you. New following :-)

  13. great resolutions, that's quite a few challenges!. and as a Library assistant I have to say I love your last one - Libraries are a great idea.

  14. If you've got an ereader I'm IN LOVE with the library's overdrive e-book collection. So easy, and I always try to check there first when I want something. Does save a lot of dough ;)

  15. Awesome list of goals - especially about getting more books from the library. I get 99% of my books from there - otherwise I would have no space & no $$.

  16. 120! oh my. you can do it! haha. i believe this year will be wonderful! great resolutions :)

    xoxo Victorie

  17. Oh visiting the library is a good one! I need to do that too because as of yesterday, I am officially on a book buying ban! Also, I have tonight off so I will certainly be checking out the link you gave me for your goals. I can't wait to see how similar we actually are! :)


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