December 22, 2015

{Bookish} Travel Buddies: Winter

Alexa Loves Books / Bookish Travel Buddies
I wanted to come up with a way to combine my love for books with my love for travel, and thus {Bookish} Travel Buddies was born. It's quite simple, really, as I'm pairing up characters from books I've loved + the places that I'd love to go visit with them. My inaugural post was back in September, where I highlighted places I'd love to visit with different characters from Queen of Shadows. This time around, I'll be featuring the gang from Winter, the series finale of The Lunar Chronicles, which I loved, loved, loved to pieces. 

Alexa Loves Books / Bookish Travel Buddies: Winter 01
Linh Cinder | Tokyo, Japan
Cinder is an unusual gal, since she's part human, part cyborg. I wanted to choose a place where she'd be comfortably received, and Tokyo seemed like the perfect compromise. On one hand, the Japanese have a great grasp of technology and its advancement. On the other hand, no one bats an eye at the outrageous-slash-unique outfits that are ever present on the streets of the city. I think Cinder would fit right in, and manage to relax enough to have a good time.

Alexa Loves Books / Bookish Travel Buddies: Winter 02
Scarlet Benoit | Vietnam
Scarlet is the type of gal who wants to really get away when she's on vacation or, at least, I think she is. And so, I wanted to find someplace that would be exotic enough to whet her appetite for adventure, yet serene enough for her farm girl sensibilities. I feel like she'd be pleased to explore things and to chat with and learn from the Vietnamese farmers we might meet along the way.

Alexa Loves Books / Bookish Travel Buddies: Winter 03
Crescent Moon | Thailand
Full disclosure: I just want to take Cress everywhere, since the poor girl has been shut up in a satellite for a little over half of her life. But I settled on Thailand because it's small enough a place not to be too overwhelming, and yet it has all sorts of things for Cress to experience - crowded cities with great bargains (Bangkok) and beautiful, preserved beaches (Phuket), to name two. 

Alexa Loves Books / Bookish Travel Buddies: Winter 04
Winter Hayle-Blackburn | Africa
When I think about Winter, I think about her menagerie, the collection of pets that she possessed. They were her comfort, her joy, her friends, and I know she has a strong sense of kinship with them. I believe it would be ever so fascinating for this princess to get a chance to go on an African safari. She would love to see all these animals roaming freely around the land!

Alexa Loves Books / Bookish Travel Buddies: Winter 05
Prince Kaito | Moscow, Russia
Prince Kaito is fairly used to all the pomp and circumstance of royalty, and he's got a deep respect for his country's culture and traditions. I think he'd find it extremely fascinating to visit another country rooted in such steep, unique culture and history, and Russia seems like just the right choice. He'd probably be the history nerd interested in the country's past, particularly the story of its monarchy.

Alexa Loves Books / Bookish Travel Buddies: Winter 06
Wolf / Ze'ev Kesley | Colorado, USA
After all of the trauma that Wolf has gone through, I just wanted to take him on a trip somewhere serene and safe. The mountains of Colorado were the first thing to pop into mind. I personally feel like Wolf would be in awe of the majesty of the sight. He'd also appreciate the relative solitude of hiking them, traipsing through forest, building camp - he seems very suited to an outdoorsy trip.

Alexa Loves Books / Bookish Travel Buddies: Winter 07
Carswell Thorne | Las Vegas, USA
Ah, my beloved scoundrel! I'm pretty sure Thorne would agree with me when I say that Las Vegas is right up his alley. Gambling, drinking and fun at all hours of the night? Sounds like the perfect game plan for the Captain. He'd definitely make the most of our stay, taking full advantage of all the opportunities such a vibrant, rambunctious place has to offer.

Alexa Loves Books / Bookish Travel Buddies: Winter 08
Jacin Clay | Great Lakes, Michigan, USA
Oh, my poor, dear Jacin, who was forced to do unspeakably horrible things in order to be able to keep his beloved Winter safe. I have such a big soft spot for this prickly palace guard, and when Rachel suggested that he be taken somewhere quiet and scenic, I thought of the Great Lakes. There's just something about the water, trees and terrain that I feel would heal something broken inside of Jacin, so a trip up there might be the best idea for him.


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