December 10, 2015

I Bet You Think This Song Is About You (It Is) • Audrey, Wait!

Audrey, Wait! book cover
Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: April 10, 2008
Source/Format: Bought || Hardcover

Audrey Cuttler's life hasn't been the same since that song, "Audrey, Wait!" hit the airwaves. All she wants to do is go to concerts, hang out with her friends, and maybe score a date with the cute boy who works with her at the Scooper Dooper. But now, her ex-boyfriend's song about their breakup is at the top of the charts and she's suddenly famous! The paparazzi won't leave her alone, the tabloids are trying to make her into some kind of rock goddess, and the Internet is documenting her every move! Will Audrey ever be able to have a normal life again?

I am going to resist the urge to summarize the entirety of Audrey, Wait! using only Taylor Swift GIFs. At least, I'll resist until I've actually written some substantial thoughts on why you're going to enjoy reading Audrey, Wait!. Because really, if you haven't read this one and you're a YA contemporary fan, you'd best be planning on checking it out because it is smart, it is funny and it is awesome.

I've said it many times before, but I love it when a book makes me laugh. Audrey, Wait! is packed full of funny moments and sassy one liners, and I really enjoyed that. It made reading about Audrey's life as an incidental celebrity (thanks to her ex's songwriting skills) even more entertaining. Throw in some great characters - Audrey, her best friend Victoria, her coworker James, her parents - and it gets even better, because they're all such interesting individuals with such fascinating relationships with one another. Plus, the novel reads a lot like a romantic comedy-slash-Disney Channel Original Movie, which is pretty much an irresistible combination for readers like myself, even with the predictability of the plot. All in all, I was thoroughly amused by the experience of getting to read Audrey, Wait! and I can't believe I avoided actually picking up a copy of this one for so long. 

Consider this my personal PSA to all you YA contemporary fans out there who haven't read this one yet. You must get a copy of Audrey, Wait! and then we can flail and giggle over it together. Okay?

And now, the moment I've been dying to get to since I first started drafting this post - a summary of Audrey, Wait! comprised entirely of Taylor Swift GIFs:


  1. Didn't love this one, but I had to agree that it was really funny. Thinking about rereading it now and maybe seeing if my opinion changed :D I love your review!

  2. I feel the same as the above commenter!! I didn't love this, but I am also thinking if I reread it now I could feel differently. It has been a whiiiiile since I read it, but I do remember thinking it was cute, and I loved the tube sock arm band fashion craze!

  3. Fun review. I have this on my list since I want more Robin Benway after Emmy & Oliver. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  4. I just added this to my wish list! It sounds so cute and I love all of the Taylor Swift gifs you used!


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