December 21, 2015

Books in Real Life, Episode 10: Bunheads

Welcome to the last Books in Real Life post for 2015! Rachel of Hello, Chelly & I team up to challenge ourselves to do the things we read about in books in real life. Our adventure this month has been a long time coming, as we've talked about a ballet-related episode for ages. Both of us have a deep love for ballet (and were ballerinas when we were younger), which is something we talked about a lot this year. While the idea of actually dressing up to dance is really fun (and might still happen!), we decided that we wanted to keep it simple this time and watch a ballet instead.

Inspired by Bunheads (a most excellent young adult novel that chronicles the lives of ballerinas) and how this particular ballet is mentioned in it, and because it felt like the proper thing to do during the holidays, we decided to make some time to go see George Balanchine's The Nutcracker, as performed by the New York City Ballet.

While we were obviously unable to take photos during the show, I can tell you that it was a wonderful experience. I love going to the ballet. I love the rush I get sitting in the theater as I wait for the curtain to rise, and how my heart thumps along in time to the music. I love watching these graceful, fluid, lovely dancers performing with all the love in the world for their craft. I love that I always feel like I want to dance whenever I'm watching a show. And to be able to relive memories of the Nutcracker (particularly the second act, which I performed in as a child) was especially beautiful.

1. What was your favorite part or a memorable moment? Am I allowed to say the entire second act of The Nutcracker? Because that was seriously, by far, my favorite part of the entire day. It's the bit I'm most familiar with, and it pleased me to know end that I still know just about every single song that was a part of it. Plus, I just love the variety of dances it includes!

2. Anything you wish you'd known beforehand? This has nothing to do with the ballet, but I wish I could have anticipated how cold it was outside. I was freezing on my way there, and when I was waiting around outside for Rachel! But it was worth wearing just a dress and tights under my coat because I always feel like I should dress up when I see a ballet.

3. Would you do this again? Absolutely! I do think going to the ballet is SO fun, and I'd love to see Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Giselle one day.


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