Friday, December 4, 2015

Not-So-Secret Santa Mini Challenge

Hi and happy holidays, friends! I'm so thrilled to be participating in the Sixth Annual Holiday #ReadAThon! I'm planning to read as many books as I can in between all of my weekend plans, and I hope you join in on all the fun. Apart from all the actual reading that's going to happening this weekend, there are also fun mini-challenges being hosted by different blogs - and I happen to be one of them. Without further ado, welcome to my blog for the Not-So-Secret Santa Mini Challenge!

For this mini-challenge, there are only two things (and a bonus!) you need to do in order to be entered to win the $25 worth of books on Amazon or Book Depository. I wanted to keep things sweet and simple, and bring some Christmas cheer to this bookish event, so here we go:

1. Pick a book character. (Or two.) (Or three.)
2. Tell me what gift(s) you'd like to give him or her in a comment.
3. Get a bonus entry if you write a post for this challenge. Just leave a link in your comment!

That's all there is to it! You'll automatically be entered to win the prize. Please note that this giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY through 12/6. I will be verifying every single entry, and the winner will be chosen randomly.  Have fun Christmas shopping for your favorites!

I decided that it would be easier for me to narrow down my gift list if I chose to give gifts to (1) only female characters (2) from 2015 books (3) that I've read. So, without further ado, here are five of my favorite characters from 2015 releases and the gifts I'd give them!

Feyre has an artist's soul, so it felt appropriate to give her a gift that would allow her to express that and be a subtle nod to the new circumstances she finds herself in.

Ah, Inej, an excellent spy with a talent for knife fights. I felt like she'd appreciate this sleek leather jacket to update her wardrobe and still blend into the shadows.

If there's one thing that I know about Lara Jean, it's that she likes to bake. I think she'd enjoy being able to do letter cookies; it'd add a personalized touch to her baked goodies.

Winter possesses a menagerie of animal friends, and seems to also have an intense connection with all of them. I think she'd appreciate a pair of shoes that are adorable and would remind her of them.

Little Women is an important book for Kate. It would be a great nod to her past to give her this gorgeous updated version for her very own.


  1. The character I'd give a gift to is Aelin from the ToG series.

    I'd give her:
    -Some of my favorite books
    -Credit/gift card to her favorite clothing store
    -A bag full of homemade candy (you know the sweet tooth that girl has)

  2. Oh my goodness I love this idea!! I'm going to work on a post after work tonight!

  3. The character I would give a gift to is Willowdean from Dumplin'. I would give her the money to fix her car and a fabulous leather jacket to help her feel more like her idol, Dolly Parton. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Now this is one very creative giveaway! :D Thanks for it!

    If I could, I'd give Remus Lupin (from Harry Potter) a box of chocolates shaped like animals, and a bookshop gift card.

  5. Aw, this is awesome :) You are amazing for doing it :D Gorgeous post Alexa. <3

  6. For this one I am choosing Kelsea from The Queen Of The Tearling by Erika Johansen. Kelsea loves books and I would gift her the books in the Throne Of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas because I think she would enjoy them, and kick ass queens should read about other kick ass queens.

    You can read my whole post about the readathon on my blog here

  7. I would give Celaena Sardothien Lush Bath Bombs because we all know how much she loves luxurious things and hot baths! LOVE your gift idea for Lara Jean!

  8. Since I'm reading Winter right now I'm going to pick a character from that book.
    I'm going with Cress and I'd get her a new wardrobe/take her shopping for it! She needs clothes and would probably enjoy going shopping for it!

  9. This was so much fun to prepare! Thanks for thinking up such a wonderful challenge! Here's my post!

  10. That is an awesome gift list! The first character that popped into my head is Anne from Anne of Green Gables. And I would give her a leather bound journal and fountain pen!

  11. This is such a fun challenge!! :) I would pick Bex from The Anatomical Shape of a Heart, and I would give her art supplies. I love how unique and creative her talent is, so I would love to help her further her love of artwork.

  12. This will sound weird, but then we're giving Xmas gifts to fictional characters, so here goes.

    I'd pick Lord Voldemort, and I'd give him a nice set of magic-resistant golf clubs. Anyone who's ever played golf can understand that it becomes an obsession. In your mind, you relive each round. "Dammit, I pull-hooked that drive on seventeen into the water. Otherwise, I could've bogied, and ended up breaking eighty." A golf aficionado will spend countless hours practicing on the driving range and putting green, and will take lessons to improve his or her swing. When you play, either you create your own foursome, or you end up being matched with three strangers. Nobody really cares who you are or what you do. It's all about the game. Yes, I think he'd be overly competitive, but--as in Goblet of Fire--he observes the niceties and traditions of things (e.g., when he made Harry bow to him prior to their duel). Sure, he might "accidentally" kick his ball into a slightly better lie--I'm a Muggle, and I've done that--but I think he'd have enough honor and respect for golf, that he'd leave his wand in his golf bag, and not curse his fellow players. I'm sure he'd hate like hell to lose, but he would learn, perhaps, to do so with grace. Further, playing golf with Muggles--especially those who defeat him on the links--would likely give him a grudging respect for those who defeat him. They'd be Muggles. Through that small crack, I think much of his blood-purity obsession would evaporate, and with it his obsession with dominating the world and smashing Muggles at random. Sure, it's a long shot, but I think if we could get Voldemort obsessed with something else--and get him out in the fresh air and sunshine--he might not be so evil. So a new set of clubs for He Who Must Not Be Named. (And let's all hope it works) Thanks for hosting!

  13. Thanks for hosting this mini challenge.

    For this entry, I would like to give a present to Matilda Wormwood (Matilda by Roald Dahl). She's literally an orphan. She loves to read but her parents don't give a damn.

    So, I would love to give a Harry Potter Bloomsbury box set. I'm sure she would love it.

    Not-So-Secret Santa Mini Challenge

  14. I would pick Deuce from the Enclave series by Ann Aguirre because she's so awesome and knows how to fight. As for the gift, I would give her some knives probably to add to her collection or a pack of playing cards!

  15. I'd give Marcus Flutie a blank journal so he can fill it with the thoughts and give it to Jessica Darling. The original journals were lost/stolen and I want to know what he tells her in his most private moments.

    (from Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series)

  16. I would love to give a harmonica to Blue from the Raven Boys series, I just feel like she needs an outlet. :)

  17. Hmmm....I would get Annie Cresta (from Mockingjay) some baby clothes ... and I would CRY as I packed them because... *sniff*

  18. I would give Katniss Everdeen a scrapbook full of photos of her and Prim.

    brookeb811 at gmail dot com

  19. I would give Lea & Gabe from A little something differeht a Starbucks gift card and two of there pretty mugs so the could enjoy drinks together Kai ( Fiction State of Mind)


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