December 13, 2014

Tunes & Tales: 1989

In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan! Taylor just released her fifth album, 1989, and I'm obsessed. It's not just because it's also the year I was born, but because the new pop sound she has is brilliant. I'm in love with every single track, and you can bet it's been on repeat since it was first released on October 27. Inspired by Elena's book/Taylor Swift song pairings during her Swiftober celebration, and in honor of Taylor's 25th birthday today, I'm sharing book + track pairings for 1989!

"It's a new soundtrack / I could dance to this beat forevermore"
Welcome to New York // The Summer Invitation

"Cause we're young and restless / We'll take this way too far / 
It'll leave you breathless / or with a nasty scar"
Blank Space // Open Road Summer

"Fade into view / it's been a while since I have even heard from you"

"Are we out of the woods yet?"
Out of the Woods // If You Find Me

"Here you are now / calling me up / but I don't know what to say /
I've been picking up the pieces of the mess you made"
All You Had To Do Was Stay // How to Love

"Can't stop, won't stop moving / It's like I've got this music
In my mind / Saying it's gonna be alright"
Shake It Off // The Lonely Hearts Club

"I wish we could go back / And remember what we were fighting for /
I wish you knew that I miss you too much to be mad anymore"
I Wish You Would // As Long As You Love Me

"Band-aids don't fix bullet holes / You say sorry just for show / 
You live like that / You live with ghosts"
Bad Blood // Rites of Passage

"He's so tall, and handsome as hell / He's so bad, but he does it so well /
I can see the end as it begins / my one condition is /
Say you'll remember me / standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe"

"I want you for worse or for better / I would wait for ever and ever /
Broke your heart, I'll put it back together / I would wait forever and ever"
How You Get the Girl // Lola and the Boy Next Door

"This love is alive back from the dead / 
These hands had to let it go free / and this love came back to me"
This Love // The Perilous Sea

"They got their cages, they got their boxes / and guns /
They are the hunters, we are the foxes / and we run /
Baby, I know places we won't be found"
I Know Places // The Walled City

"And that morning / gone was any trace of you / I think I am finally clean"

"I reach for you / but you were gone /
I knew I had to go back home / 
You searched the world for something else to make you feel like what we had"
Wonderland // Just One Day

"You kissed on sidewalks / You fight and you talk /
One night he wakes, strange look on his face /
Pauses, then says, you're my best friend / 
And you knew what it was / He is in love"
You Are in Love // Nantucket Blue

"We are too busy dancing / to get knocked off our feet / 
Baby, we're the new romantics / The best people in life are free"
New Romantics // Since You've Been Gone

I'm hoping to make this (pairing books + album track lists) a sort of regular feature, as it was so much fun to do! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you haven't checked out 1989 or any of these titles yet, please know that I highly endorse both. {If you want another Taylor post, I did this one for a collaboration with Estelle a while back.}


  1. This was AWESOME. Great picks, great CD. Love!!

  2. Im just a tid bit obsessed with this!!! LOVE IT. Happy Bday to TayTay! <3 xoxoxoxoxo.

  3. Pairing the songs with these books gives more insight to them and it's perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! I adore T's 1989 album and cannot stop listening to it. I've only read a few of these, and one was Since You've Been Gone, which I think you paired up perfectly. Love the pairings for Lola and Isla too! This was so great. :)

  5. OMG. Out of the books that I've read, these are perfect matches!

  6. Oh wow, this is so much fun! I love the songs/books you chose. I've always that' T. Swift's songs go perfectly with reading (especially YA), so this is great. Excited to do that tag with you. ;)

  7. Aaaah Alexa this was PERFECTION. I loved this post, and I lovingly blame you for making me relisten to the whole Taylor Swift album (as if I don't do that enough already).

  8. I would love to win!!! Love the rogues


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