December 12, 2014

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Tag

It's time for another fun tag! And this time I was tagged by my lovely friends Brittany & Jayvee to do the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Tag. Here are the rules:

(1) Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their site.
(2) Post the award's logo on your blog.
(3) Answer the ten questions you've been asked.
(4) Nominate ten other bloggers and ask them ten other questions.

And now, here are the questions from Brittany:

(1) What is your favorite book from childhood and why?

The most predictable answer I could give you would be to say that the Harry Potter series is my favorite, but I technically was on the verge of being a teen when I started it. So, the real answer to this question is a toss-up between the American Girl series (particularly Samantha's books!) and the Little House series. I loved both these series, because they allowed me to experience what life was like for girls in different historical time periods. It was fascinating that the experiences they had were so different, yet so similar to my own!

(2) Have you been to any literary places? And if not, where would you like to go?

I live in New York, and work in New York City, so I do get to visit a lot of the places and landmarks that are often mentioned in books set here! I can also say the same for Washington DC, which I visit every so often. I think, at the moment, I would either like to visit London (which is something I've wanted to do since the 6th Grade) or California (particularly the stretch of coastline Jessi Kirby describes in Things We Know By Heart).

(3) What's one book or series that you not only recommend but BUY for people because you love it so much?

There are two series at this given moment that I have been constantly book pushing and recommending, to the point where I host random giveaways for various editions (hardcovers, paperbacks, Kindle, Nook) all over the place: the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and the Newsoul series by Jodi Meadows. Both are top-rated series for me, with incredible characters + stories that are so utterly compelling.

(4) What's your favorite thing about being a book blogger?

If I really had to pick just one thing, my favorite thing about being a book blogger would be all the wonderful, talented, kind people I've met along the way - friends, readers, publishers and authors alike. It's tremendously cool to finally have a community where I can talk about books and my love for them without having people look at me like I'm strange, or just pretend to listen. I love interacting with everyone, particularly when it comes to things I'm excited about or for!

(5) What's been the best thing/event that's happened to you because of reading/blogging?

I know it's going to sound really starry-eyed, but really, almost every single thing - meeting new friends, getting to attend publishing events and book events in general, becoming online buddies with some of my favorite authors - is truly an amazing experience. I've been so blessed with opportunities! But one of my favorite things? Getting the opportunity to work with publishers + authors to promote books that I love.

(6) If you could invite five authors to your Christmas party, who would they be?

J.K. Rowling, Tamora Pierce, Susan Dennard, Sarah J. Maas and Jodi Meadows. Boom. (Though there are still quite a few authors that I'd want to invite and would probably encourage to crash.)

(7) Which do you like better - short books or long books?

It honestly depends on my mood! However, I have noticed that during the warmer months, I'm more inclined to pick up shorter titles; during the colder months, I prefer longer books. It must be the fact that I stay indoors more during the colder seasons!

(8) What's the longest book or series you've ever read?

Well, the Harry Potter series is probably the longest finished series I've ever read if you add all the pages up. But I think the longest book I've ever read is probably Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, the last book in the Inheritance Cycle - 849 pages, and all in one afternoon.

(9) Do you have a literary dream job?

I would like to be a published author one day! It would be nice to write a book that inspired the same level of fangirling that I do over Throne of Glass and Incarnate and many more titles.

(10) Do you re-read your favorite books or series? And if so, which ones have you read the most? How many times?

I am a huge fan of rereading, especially for books in a series. There's nothing quite like revisiting an old favorite, and finding you love it just as much, if not more! I'm pretty sure I've reread the Harry Potter series a fair bit, as well as the Circle of Magic series and Song of the Lioness quartet and Percy Jackson series. I've also reread the Incarnate series and the Throne of Glass series and the Anna and the French Kiss books a lot too! But the series I've reread the most? The Little House series!

(1) What's your favorite book outside of the genre you read most often?

Oh! I can give you a favorite adult series with a paranormal twist - the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I don't read a lot of that particular genre, but man, do I love these books!

(2) Any TV shows in particular that you're addicted to right now?

I actually don't watch a lot of TV shows :( But currently, I'm enjoying Once Upon a Time, Agents of SHIELD and Gotham.

(3) Summer, autumn, winter or spring? And why?

I love all the seasons for different reasons, but I'm definitely a summer gal. I love the relaxed vibe, the warm weather and the sense of joy I get from all the sunlight I'm exposed to. Plus, summer always screams vacations and dresses to me!

(4) Do you have a favorite place to read?

I was thinking I'd say my bed, but really, my favorite place to read is on the subway to and from work. It distracts me from being on crowded trains and grumpy passengers, and the time underground passes by so quickly when I'm lost in a story!

(5) What's your favorite book to visual adaptation?

I've only ever seen the Percy Jackson series turned into graphic novels, and they're fantastic! If we're talking movies, I love the way the Harry Potter films were adapted for film.

(6) Do you listen to audiobooks, and if so, where do you get them from?

I have only ever listened to one audiobook - the one for The Raven Boys. While I enjoyed it, I just haven't been really reading via audio since. I do want to give the Throne of Glass series a try via audio, since I've heard they're great!

(7) What's your favorite quote?

How am I supposed to pick just one?! I'm the kind of person who hoards quotes (via photos or writing them down or underlining them) so there are just too. many. to. count. And I refuse to pick a favorite!

(8) Most recent holiday? Any more planned?

The last "vacation" I took was a trip down to the Washington DC-Maryland-Virginia area with my husband. We went for a couple of days in order to visit family and friends who live there! We didn't do a lot of touristy things, but we still had fun. No upcoming vacations in the works yet, but it'll happen soon, I'm sure.

(9) Sweets or savories?

Sweets, always and forever. I have a massive sweet tooth.

(10) What is the thing you love most about blogging?

Blogging is an outlet for me. I get to share my love of books with the world! And I get to challenge myself to be creative and original, and to produce worthwhile content that people enjoy reading. It's become my creative outlet, and that's totally fine with me!

Whew! That was fun, and I totally commend you for sticking it through all the way till the end! Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better via this tag. And now, I'm tagging a few of my friends - though anyone can feel free to answers the questions I'm asking in the comments!

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10 Questions
(1) Quick! The world is in chaos and everything is falling apart. Which five book characters would you want to team up with to make sure you survive?
(2) Whew. Crisis averted. It's time for a picnic! What's the book/series where you genuinely feel like you'd enjoy the company of all the characters in it over a meal?
(3) Dinner and dancing and date night is approaching. Pick one book boy to be your date!
(4) What song do you think could potentially inspire a really good novel?
(5) If you could resurrect an author who has passed away to have a chat, who would it be?
(6) What was the last book that made you really think about your own life?
(7) What's your favorite color?
(8) Apart from books, what is the one thing that you splurge the most on?
(9) If you could time travel to any time period, which one would you visit?
(10) What's the one book you love that you feel is under the radar?


  1. So happy to find another re-reader -- there is nothing better than diving into a favorite book again. Loved learning more about you :)


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