December 9, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: New Kids on My Block

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This was a really, really, really hard list to narrow down, if I'm being honest, but I managed to come up with just ten for this week's topic! There are quite a few authors that I discovered and fell in love with this 2014, but I chose the ones that came to mind right away. 

1. Emery Lord
{Author of Open Road Summer, and the upcoming The Start of Me and You}

She writes these contemporary stories that capture friendship, family and romance in the loveliest way. It’s almost like she’s writing about real people who I may or may not have the good fortune to meet in person one day.

2. Heather Demetrios
She’s the master of multiple genres, a traveler and genuinely passionate and friendly in person. She’s skilled at her craft, and her writing stays consistently good no matter genre it’s in.

3. Joy N. Hensley
{Author of Rites of Passage, and the upcoming The Harder You Fall}
She wrote a brave heroine, one who faces many challenges as she enters a military academy among the first batch of girls. I never thought I’d be all that interested in a military academy book; she proved me wrong.

4. Sara Raasch

{Author of Snow Like Ashes}
It’s always a pleasure to discover a fresh new voice in my favorite genre. She wrote a compelling tale filled with action and intrigue. But even better than that, she revealed a setting and lore that felt really unique.

5. Robin LaFevers

I finally sat my butt down to read Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph back to back this year. The historical inspiration, the creative plot, these three awesome female main characters – LaFevers won me over easily.

6. Laini Taylor
She is one of those magical authors to me, simply for the way she writes so damn beautifully. Her passages, her dialogue – they all sound lovely. Her series is fantastical, but also relatable, and she manages that delicate balance well.

7. Erika Johansen
She did not suffer at all from the hype monster, personally, as I loved her debut. The story she told was so damn compelling, but it’s her badass main character Kelsea who really won me over.

8. Megan Erickson
{Author of Make It Count, Make It Right and the upcoming Make It Last}
Were it not for Estelle, I would never have picked up these books. I would have missed out on fun stories with great romances, and really strong characters too. She totally balances the humor and swoon and I love it!

9. Taylor Jenkins Reid
She managed to capture the essence of love, messy, complicated and wonderful as that may be for the one experiencing it. Her writing felt authentic, and her characters were surprisingly relatable too.

10. Juliet Marillier
{Author of Daughter of the Forest (and a ton of other books I need to read now)}
She’s one of the authors I regret taking so long to experience! Her writing is absolutely gorgeous, her characters such memorable individuals and her plot and romance are perfectly paced and planned out. So. In. Love.


  1. Sara Raasch made my list too! Loved Snow Like Ashes! Was such an original fantasy series. And so happy to see Robin LaFevers name on here. Her books are amazing!!! I really want to read Laini Taylor's book, going to make that a 2015 goal. Great list!


  3. Emery Lord and Joy Hensley made my list, too! Ahh, I still need to read EXQUISITE CAPTIVE! ^^;;; I definitely flirted with adding Sara to the list! And yay, you finally read Robin LaFevers And Juliet Marillier!? LOVE!!! Both are so good. And not as many people know JM, so I'm SO GLAD you discovered her!!!! I'm looking forward to a sequel from Erika Johansen, yes! Great choices!

  4. I loved reading Robin LaFevers Grave Mercy & Dark Triumph too!! I'm looking forward to reading Mortal Heart in 2015. Here's a link to my TTT for the week.

    Also I need to get in on that Julie Marillier game like whoa.

  6. Robin LaFevers is awesome! I still have to read Mortal Heart ... I can't wait!

  7. Heather Demetrios is on all the lists today-including mine! And yay for Juliet Marillier!

  8. Emery made my list too! Of course :) I just bought The Queen of the Tearling so maybe she'll be on my list next year. :D And YES, to Laini Taylor!!!

  9. Lovely list! Heather Demetrios made mine too (seriously LOVE her), and Robin LaFevers and Megan Erickson are definitely on my auto buy list. I really need to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone!

  10. Loving your list. Heather Demetrios is on my list of authors to start reading and Snow like Ashes is definitely on my soon to be read list.


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