The Promise - Robyn Carr

August 16, 2014

The Promise book cover
The Promise by Robyn Carr
Series: Thunder Point #5
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Publication Date: June 24, 2014
Source/Format: Netgalley (Thanks Harlequin!) || e-galley
[I received this book for review from the publisher. This in no way affects the thoughts expressed in my review.]

Scott Grant has a bustling family practice in the small Oregon community of Thunder Point. The town and its people have embraced the widowed doctor and father of two, his children are thriving, and Scott knows it's time to move on from his loss. But as the town's only doctor, the dating scene is awkward. That is, until a stunning physician's assistant applies for a job at his clinic. 

Peyton Lacoumette considers herself entirely out of the dating scene. She's already been burned by a man with kids, and she's come to Thunder Point determined not to repeat past mistakes. When Scott offers her a job, at a much lower salary than she's used to, Peyton is surprisingly eager to accept…at least for now. She's willing to stay for a three-month trial period while she explores other options. 

Scott and Peyton know the arrangement is temporary—it isn't enough time to build a real relationship, never mind anything with lasting commitment. But love can blossom faster than you think when the timing is right, and this short visit just might hold the promise of forever. (from Goodreads)

Every time I read another novel from the Thunder Point series, it feels like I’ve come home. It might sound like an exaggeration, but really, it’s the plain and simple truth. From the moment I first met the people, and got wind of this place in The Wanderer, I instantly felt like these were real people living in a real place – and I’ve enjoyed each of my (book) visits since! 

Even though I’ve missed out on reading two (The Newcomer and The Chance) because I keep messing up the release schedule, it hasn’t taken away from my easy enjoyment of the ones I have read! The Promise easily drew me back into this series. I was transported away from my New York City apartment to beautiful little Thunder Point in an instant, and greeted by characters dear to my heart. It was a real treat to be so fully immersed here again, and even better to see how everyone was faring (Babies! Weddings! New opportunities!). 

Scott Grant, the doctor in Thunder Point, is a familiar face, as he’s been in a couple of the previous books. Though he could be earning much more at a practice in a different place, he’s dedicated his life to serving the folk of Thunder Point so that his kids grow up in this wonderful, supportive community. It’s so easy to admire (and fall for!) a man so dedicated to doing the best he can by his loved ones, by his community and even for himself. I admired his inner strength, slight awkwardness and just overall goodness. He’s one of the good ones, a catch, and that definitely is clear in The Promise

The new girl in town is Peyton Lacoumette. (What a name! It totally rolls off the tongue.) Anyway, Peyton finds herself in Thunder Point after a bad relationship and, with her previous experience, finds a job at Scott’s practice. Obviously, this is the perfect set-up for these two to meet, and have sparks fly, but more on that shortly! Peyton is understandably reticent after her bad experience, reining in her emotions in order to protect herself. It was easy to find her relatable in her vulnerability, and earnest desire for peace and happiness. But I also liked her brand of sassiness, and the undeniable strength she showed time and again. 

From the moment Scott & Peyton met, there was no doubt they would make a great pair! They have personalities that simply complement one another, and banter that made me smile. Plus, you could totally sense the attraction in the things they said and did (or didn’t say or do, for that matter)! Only problem? Peyton’s made it clear she’s (1) wary of romance and (2) only in town temporarily. But then again, are these things any match for love? It’s one of the quieter Thunder Point books I’ve read so far, but The Promise still sucked me in completely. 

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that The Promise is another great addition to the Thunder Point series. I did have a bit of an issue with how it ends (because it felt too abrupt!). But getting to revisit this place and the characters, and fall in love with everyone and everything, all over again was quite lovely. I may not read a lot of contemporary romances, but the Thunder Point series is one I love returning to time and again. I’d definitely suggest giving it a try!


  1. Great review! I just read this one and I loved it! It reminds of the kids from Kate plus 8. I'm so hoping that they will be like Chloe and Benton and rebel.

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