August 21, 2014

Alexa & Judith's Epic Summer Read-along || Road Trip Fashion

Just for kicks, Judith & I decided to focus on something we both find fun today - picking out what to wear! Yes, you'll be in the car a lot when you're on a road trip. But that doesn't mean you can't dress cute and comfortably. I've picked out three outfits I'd wear on a road trip to share with you guys! Judith's chosen hers as well, so hop on over to Paperiot after you read my post.

I'd totally wear any of these three outfits on a trip, even one that involves hours in a car! (Seriously, this stuff is totally things I wear on a regular basis anyway, so it wouldn't be too different at all.) I'd probably add in some special accessories depending on where our destination is. (And obviously a jacket, if the weather requires it.) Can't wait to see how Judith will dress up!

What would you wear on a road trip?


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