August 23, 2014

Alexa & Judith's Epic Summer Read-Along || Childhood Friendships

Today, Judith & I are continuing the celebration for Morgan Matson's second novel, Second Chance Summer. Taylor is forced to face what remains of a former friendship during her summer away with her family. While it's a difficult journey, it's also one that's ultimately rewarding. In honor of friendship, we're sharing stories of our childhood friendships (up until the age of 12) today. After you check out my post, go and visit Paperiot to see Judith's!

When I lived in the USA, I definitely had a few best friends who I hung out with all the time. If we'd stayed here instead of moving home, there's no doubt in my mind I might still be friends with most of them, but sadly, the distance (and lack of internet) proved to be detrimental to our relationships. Still, I think fondly of my friends Amanda, Nicole, Di Hoa and Kati and send them lots of love for the time we spent together.

I'm still lucky, though, to have made friends post-move to the Philippines who are still two of my closest friends. You've seen them on the blog before, I'm sure, my friends Bianca and Patricia. These girls and I have been through so many things, whether we went through them together or apart, whether we were in the same country or not. We dream together, we laugh together, we hang out together and we're not afraid to strip down to the very truth of who we are around one another. I'm truly blessed to have them both in my life.

Bianca and I have were playmates back when we were wee children, she living in San Francisco and I living in Maryland. But Bianca returned to the Philippines way before I did, and we didn't see each other again until I entered Grade 4 in Bacolod (my hometown in the Philippines) with her. Bianca was a rock star, instantly taking me under her wing. We understood each other so well, with our passion for books and movies, and our shared dreams of making it big. We've been best friends ever since, always supporting each other as we chase after our dreams. Sure, we've hit our rough patches here and there, but in the end, we love each other like sisters and would do whatever we can to be there for the other.

Pat and I first met in Grade 6, when she and another friend convinced me to switch places with them in line so they could be next to each other. Somehow, Pat and I wound up being seatmates and started chatting. Throw in a deep love of Harry Potter and boy bands and writing silly stories, and our friendship just kept growing. Eventually, it became about more than just those things (though we still fangirl together!). Pat's like a big sister to me, someone I can turn to for advice and perspective on any situation I'm going through. We've always been able to be honest with each other, which is a real blessing. I honestly can't imagine life without her, and am grateful for her friendship always.

There you have it: details on 2 of my childhood friendships (that are still in existence as of this minute!). I also wrote this other post about my besties last year, if you feel like checking that out. For more childhood friendship stories, go and check out Paperiot! And don't forget to also check out the book that inspired this post, Second Chance Summer!


  1. So lovely that you have Bianca and Patricia and that you've stayed friends for such a long time. Sad to say my own childhood friendships didn't last that long but I do have my cousins who I grew up with who are definitely my best friends too! (Coincidentally one of my cousins is named Bianca as well!) We've been there for each other through so much and I really hope we'll still be as close when we're old and gray. :D

  2. I really liked this book, much better than the second one. I'm glad Rick decided to carry on but so far, House of Hades is my favourite!


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