August 15, 2014


As I sit here typing this post up 9 days after my actual birthday (August 5, for those of who you care to know), I'm feeling blissed out and grateful. There have been so many wonderful things happening in my life lately, and so many amazing people who have managed to make me feel special and loved, and I've never felt more content than I do at this moment.

25 seems like a nice, solid number (and it happens to be one of my favorites). I might not know everything I need to know, and I might not have it all figured out. But that's okay! From where I stand right now, it's look real good. I feel like I've learned so much more about myself, other people and the world in all the years I've been here, and I'm grateful for it all, good, bad and in between. I've been thinking a lot about my life lately and the direction it's taking, but that's a story for another post.

Today, I'm here to talk about how I celebrated my birthday! 
The catch-all answer to that would be: with fun and books and friends and loved ones. 

But if you want to know all the details, here they are:

(1) Birthday Salubong

I spent the evening leading up to my birthday chatting with Macky and my mom, two of the people I love best in the world. It was nice and relaxed and so, so good to get a quality chat in with them both. But at the stroke of midnight, Mel, Jaymee and Ephy surprised me right when I was juggling a phone call on Viber with Dad and FaceTime with Mom! I blew out the candles on my cupcake, and accepted the presents and hugs. It might sound cliche, but I really enjoy ringing in my birthday right on the dot!

(2) One Direction: Where We Are Tour at MetLife Stadium

We've had this planned since last year, but it still amused Mel and I to find ourselves on a bus bound towards MetLife Stadium to see One Direction. We actually came in a bit late (and missed Five Seconds of Summer, the opening act), but it worked well because we arrived in time to grab some food and settle into our seats. The show was really fun, and I was going hoarse singing/screaming along with most of the songs! It was a treat to be able to go, and I had a lot of fun.

(3) Birthday Dinner at Cafe Un Deux Trois

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to do one of my favorite things -- eat! Mel, Jaymee, Ephy and I were supposed to go to LT Burger for dinner, but because it's closed, we wound up hitting up an old favorite - Cafe Un Deux Trois. We shared some good food, excellent drinks and awesome dessert, and just had a nice, long meal (that the French would probably be proud of). Quiet, but satisfying, that's what it was!

(4) Bowling + Drinks at Brooklyn Bowl

While this bowling get-together was primarily in honor of Ian (Jaymee's brother), they decided to make it a celebration for me too. We all went to Brooklyn Bowl, had some amazing adobo corn and fried chicken, and bowled a good two or three games. (Who knew I would be able to make strikes and spares and do it more than once?) We did a little dancing and more drinking before I headed for home. (It was Sunday after all.)

(5) Birthday Tradition at Sweet Chick


It's our second year of our birthday tradition, so Estelle, Rachel and I ventured downtown to Sweet Chick (since I had a craving for waffles). (I'm going to take a moment to say the chicken and waffles is AMAZING. Seriously.) We had a nice catch-up dinner, where we chatted away while stuffing our faces. And then the girls gave me the sweetest, best birthday gifts ever! (Seriously. They know me so well.)

And there you have it, all the occasions I was able to celebrate my birthday this year! As I've said, I'm so completely stunned and grateful and happy for everyone who greeted me and went out of their way to make my day special. I'm also really excited and grateful for the gifts (both those I got and the ones I bought myself), but you'll have to wait for this weekend's haul post to see them!

Thank you to every single person who greeted me, whether through text or Twitter or Facebook or comments on the blog/vlog or email or snail mail! I'm so grateful for all your support and friendship and love, and want to give you all a virtual hug back for being so awesome. Looking forward to this year ahead and sharing the adventures it brings me in my little space! Love you all.

As a bonus, I've shared three videos from concerts I've gone to (2 from the One Direction concert, and 1 from the One Republic concert). These are some of my favorite songs/performances, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


  1. i'm really glad you had such a wonderful special days! shared with people with love make it so much better
    happy belated birthday dear^^

  2. Yay I'm glad your birthday was amazing! So many amazing food items!!! It looks fantastic! Ahhh One Direction!!!! I saw them last year and they were so amazing. LOVE them. That's awesome that you got to go!! I hope this next year will be awesome for you! :)

  3. I'm sorry I missed your birthday on the actual day (I moved recently and have been a little behind on LIFE) but it looks like you have been living it up! This all looks really incredible and I'm so glad you have been spending time with great people, doing great things, because you are great! Happy birthday! (:

  4. Happy birthday! Looks like you had SO much fun!

  5. Hooray! It was a very good birthday, I think! ;)


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