August 27, 2014

Alexa & Judith's Epic Summer Read-Along || BFF Goodies

Today is our last book-themed post inspired by Since You've Been Gone, which kind of makes me want to sob since that means our event is nearly over! Boo. But anyway, in keeping with the theme of friendship, Judith & I thought it'd be a fun idea to share some gifts and goodies for best friends today. After you check out the things I've found, go and see what Judith picked for her post on Paperiot!

When deciding what gifts I wanted to include in this post, I tried to think of things I'd give to my best friends in real life. I have such a variety of personalities among my BFFs that I wanted to try to come up with a gift idea for each one, whether it's the dreamer, the creative, the traveler, the bookworm, the athlete, the nerd, the geek, the fangirl, the musician, etc. I do love all of the gifts I've picked out (and actually really have been considering gifting a few), so I hope you like them too!

The way the puzzle pieces connect on this necklace symbolize one of the facets of friendship.

No brainer, really. But I also love encouraging my best friends to keep on dreaming.

Whether it's because they're aspiring writers, or just so they have a private space to vent or record their memories, a journal makes a great gift.

Even if they haven't read the Stephanie Perkins books, there's something lovely and hopeful about this particular cute. And one can always use a cute tote!

This is definitely one for the Potterheads out there! I love that the design is so subtle.

If you've got a friend who loves to travel, this would be a great gift to give him/her so they can mark all the places they've been.

I was thinking of one of my friends when I came across this. While obviously it's for a specific fandom, I think it symbolizes a gift that is suited to a particular friend's taste.

Sporty friends, guy or gal, will absolutely love this present!

You've got to capture all the memories of the fun times you and your bestie have shared.

Music is one of those things that can be a shared experience, so this is a fitting gift.

Of course, I think the most precious gifts you can give your best friends are the intangible kind, like loyalty, trust, respect, encouragement, time and love. But these gifts are pretty darn great too, aren't they? Tell me - which of these gifts would you give your friends? And let me know if you've got any other gift suggestions for BFFs too!

{Don't forget to check out Paperiot for more gift ideas!}


  1. Those Instax cameras are just darling--the colors are just like candy! Such great gift ideas, I love the portable record player, too. Definitely fun stuff to buy for BFFs.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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