February 17, 2014

The Monday Mix (24)

The Monday Mix basically gives me the opportunity to share with all of you the links I loved online from weeks past. This includes everything from great reviews, articles about writing, inspiring posts and perhaps other things too. I've always valued the opportunity to share the great things I've read or seen, and this is my way to share the love with all the bloggers, authors + pubs out there!

It's still a little weird to be working regularly again. But I'm happy to be able to do great work for my boss (and our company), and to be working with my friends on the team again! We're moving to a new office space within the next three or four months, so we're doing a lot of administrative tasks on top of regular work, which means I've been busy, busy, busy.

Apart from being stuck in the office, I've also gotten to do a few fun things! I hosted the last of the live chats with Jodi Meadows for the Incarnate Read-a-thon. I popped up near Columbia University to attend the New Adult Extravaganza. I attended the Something Real book event at Powerhouse on 8th in Brooklyn, which was so fun. Heather Demetrios is awesome, and it was so cool to meet her! Did I mention I also did my first vlogs for Lit Ladies and Wednesdates?

It was also really fun to get together with my friends Estelle & Rachel for E's birthday. We caught up over pizza at John's Pizzeria and went to watch That Awkward Moment after! The next day, I took Mel out on a date at Serendipity 3 for an advanced Valentine's Day present. I headed out to work during the tail end of a snow storm on Thursday, before surprising both Mel and Jaymee with little gifts on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday brought along the 2014 Book Blogger Love-a-thon that I co-host with Katelyn, and the sheer amount of support and love blew me away. In between, I managed to watch a couple of films: Endless Love, Chalet Girl and Listen To Your Heart.

As you can see, I've kept pretty busy in spite of the pretty cold weather! I hope that for those of you who are stuck in this (seemingly endless) winter, you're staying as safe, warm and cozy as you possibly can. And for those of you in warmer climates? Send some sunshine our way, why don't you? :)


Personal Posts:


This year's Love-a-Thon was another wonderful, epic, happy, hectic, beautiful, positive affair! Katelyn and I are extremely grateful for everyone who signed up, everyone who helped us spread the love on Twitter and participated in the challenges and everyone who donated to our giveaways. We could not have done it without all of YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We look forward to next year and making the Love-a-Thon bigger and better than ever!

You can see the list of all my posts below:


It was sincerely a pleasure to co-host another event with my friends Racquel & Sharon! This time around, we held a week-long celebration for one of our favorite fairytales: Beauty and the Beast. The week was filled with reviews and fun posts, all of which were a lot of fun to create!

You can see a list of all the posts below:


If you were following me in January, you'd know that I was co-hosting the Incarnate Series Read-a-thon with my friend Bonnie. We are both huge fans of Jodi Meadows and her incredible series (and if you haven't read it, GET ON THAT. A lot of newbies to it during the event fell in love with it!), and it was so fun to celebrate by re-reading the first two books and the novella in time for the last one's release! The live chats were something new, but also really fun to do. So grateful to everyone who participated, and to Jodi and Bonnie for being AWESOME.

You can see a list of all the posts/live chat videos below:

I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did! Now it's YOUR turn - are there any posts (on your blog or other blogs) from last week that I missed out on? Please feel free to share links in the comments and I'll try to check them out.


  1. Sounds like a busy week! And I love the new blog design :)

  2. What an amazing week, Alexa! Thank you so much for appreciating and linking my post, by the way! Your blog has been a go-to of mine since you formed, so I really love it when other readers really enjoy and connect with some of what I write, as well. Happy Monday, pretty!

  3. Thanks for sharing ALL OF THE LINKS!! I'm going to bookmark this for when I have time (:

  4. Whoa, there were a lot of great posts to read this week I am going to have to CLICK THEM ALL.

    Also, rock on for hosting the Love A Thon. You and Katelyn are so cool. <3

  5. So much to browse on these posts of yours! It's like Pinterest where everywhere leads me to an hour of reading haha.

  6. Dropping by to say thank you so so so much for hosting the LoveAThon again with Katelyn. I really did have such a fab time participating in the chats, and next year I hope to sign up and do the challenges and such. <3 <3

  7. Wow! So many links to check out it's almost overwhelming! I give you props for remembering all of them to make note!


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