February 15, 2014

Book Blogger Love-a-thon || Mini-Challenge: Book Spine Poetry

If you haven't signed up yet, YOU STILL CAN! Just visit this post and fill out the form. After, contact us via Twitter or email so that we can add you to our official participant list. You can also check out the full schedule for the 2014 Book Blogger Love-a-thon here!

Back by popular demand, our first challenge is Book Spine Poetry! Time to get your creative juices flowing, people. All you have to do for this challenge is create a poem using only the spines of your books. I'll admit, it's not the easiest task in the world -- but it sure is fun to try and do.

Here are three book spine poems for you:

Throne of glass, crown of midnight - a darkness strange and lovely.
The bitter kingdom, taken, asunder.

Infinite, tangled attachments
- something strange and deadly.

Just one year, golden;
Just one day, where the stars still shine under the never sky.

What do you guys think of my efforts at being poetic? I'm just pleased that I managed to use quite a few of my favorites in this post, and that I was able to come up with three poems (since I thought I'd have a hard time making even just one). Don't forget to add your post to the linky to be entered to win!


Since this is a mini-challenge, there's going to be a giveaway!
[Note: Depending on the winner, the remaining "extra" prize will be added to the major giveaway!]

(US winner) a signed copy of Something Strange and Deadly (Susan Dennard) + swag
(international winner) Summer Love (Marysue G. Hobika)



  1. I think the last one is my favorite! ALSO that stack..OMG ALL MY FAVE BOOKS!

  2. I also love the last one!! This was so much fun!

  3. I think I love the second one the most.

  4. I love the bit in the second one that goes, "just one day where the stars still shine." Lovely!

  5. Three poems. Nice. I love them all but I think my favorite is the last one.

  6. I love these! Especially the line "Just one day, where the stars still shine under the never sky." Great job, Alexa!

  7. I have read Asunder otherwise all the other books are just on my to read list. I couldn't get into Under a Never Sky.

  8. All great but I love the last one!

  9. Aw this is so lovely! Great post! :)

    wasn't able to add my link, but here's our book spine poetry :)

  10. I especially love the last poem, very beautiful. I like that you used some of your favorite books, makes it that more special!


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