February 7, 2014

New Adult Extravaganza + Something Real Reading

Living in New York certainly affords me the opportunity to attend many a bookish event -- signings, readings, panels and BEA. In this past week alone, I've had the good fortune of attending two different events in two different parts of New York. Both were equally fun, and pretty much set the bar for all the other events to come!


On Tuesday night, Rachel, Mel & I went to the Columbia University Bookstore on the Upper West Side. Why? To see authors Jennifer L. Armentrout (also known as J. Lynn), Cora Carmack & Jay Crownover! Rachel & Mel are both long-time fans of Ms. Armentrout (and have successfully convinced me to binge read her YA series, both Lux and Covenant), so I was really happy to be able to alert them to the fact of this signing.

books from the authors! (The guy on Rome's cover has amazing eyes.)
Now, the signing did center around new adult, since that's what these three have in common. Armentrout also doubles as J. Lynn, and has published multiple titles under that name with her latest full-length release being Be With Me, which is part of the Wait for You series. Cora Carmack is best known for her Losing It series, her latest full-length release in that series being Finding It. Jay Crownover, on the other hand, is the author of the Marked Men series, with her latest full-length release being Rome

Jennifer, Cora & Jay during their Q&A
They answered questions about their books, their writing habits and other pertinent things like Theo James and Harry Potter. It was so fun to hear them chatter and fangirl and share such strong opinions about anything and everything that the audience asked.

Eventually, it was time for them to sign! I thought it was super sweet that Rachel & Mel were  finally able to meet an author they really admired. Plus, Jennifer was super nice, and even remembered me (vaguely) from BEA in 2012! Of course I took the opportunity to snap a few shots, as I played photographer for the night.

Mel & Jennifer
Rachel & Jennifer
Mel also snagged a copy of Rome and had it signed by Jay Crownover, who is sassy and funny and awesome. Just meeting her made me want to read Rule (which will probably happen. And yes, Betty, I'm specially saying this for your benefit)!

Jay & Mel


Yesterday, I made the long trek down to Powerhouse on 8th in Park Slope to attend Heather Demetrios' event for her debut novel Something Real. I'd already read and loved the book last month, and was eager to meet Heather and snag a finished copy for myself!

I arrived just in time to hear Heather read a couple of pages from her book. Her expressiveness and intonation were perfect for reading the book out loud, and it kind of made me want to read it again! After reading, Heather answered a few author questions, including updates about her writing projects (she has an upcoming series featuring genies!), travel (she's been to Morocco!) and writing.

Heather talking about Something Real
While waiting in line, I got a chance to say hi to Ksenia and Mitali. I also chatted for a bit with Julie and Lili, and met Tabitha for the first time. I love meeting other booklovers and just chatting about anything and everything we have in common.

Finally, it was my turn! I introduced myself to Heather and we promptly proceeded to discuss our favorite parts (and characters) in her book, as well as her travels. She's one of the nicest, most genuine authors I've ever met, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet her. Mel even managed to snag this awesome photo of us!

me & Heather
It's been a good month so far, and I'm so happy that so many events are still to come! If you're interested in seeing the ones I'll possibly attend, check out my sidebar for a list. I hope I see you there (especially at the Cress event!) -- and don't be shy about introducing yourself because I love meeting fellow bookworms!


  1. Ahhh what fun! It's super fun that you were able to go to so many events and meet your favorite authors. Super neat that Heather travels so much (jealous of Morocco!). Can't wait for your other recaps! :)

  2. Oh yay! So glad you got to go to these events!! I love Cora, she's so super nice and OMG JLA. I want to meet her SO so badly. So glad you are going to binge those series soon. :) I also need to read the marked men series - i even own Rule!

  3. Such great events! I'm curious how the read-aloud would go for Something Real, especially for when the audiobook comes out -- do they have to add in the trademark somehow? I read that one last week and really liked it!

  4. You know how much I love Jen Armentrout! Can't wait to go to more events like this <3

  5. I really liked Rule.

    Also, sad face, I have not been to any sort of bookish event since BEA. Wahhhh.

    BUT, yay new adult!

    Also, love all the pictures!

  6. I loved Rule!! The following books were good but not as good as Rule. READ RULE! :)


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