January 27, 2014

An Author a (Mon)day: Jodi Meadows

An Author a (Mon)day is my sporadic feature where I ask authors a few questions about anything - themselves, their books and writing, to name a few. While it doesn't happen on a regular basis, you can be rest assured that it always happens on a Monday!

For the past two weeks, Bonnie and I have been hosting the Incarnate Series Read-a-thon. In honor of that event, and of this week's release of the trilogy's final installment Infinite, I've invited Jodi Meadows to be my guest for this week's An Author a (Mon)day. Jodi is one of my favorite people, as she's sweet, talented and generally pretty awesome. I adore her books, and it is really exciting for me to have her be here on the blog today!
past interview question
Alexa: I'm seriously excited to have you on the blog, Jodi! So, how does it feel to have finally written the last few chapters of Ana and Sam's story in Infinite? Was it hard to let go of this story, these characters, this series?

Jodi: It feels good and sad! I'm so happy that I was able to finish the series, and I feel like I did the characters justice, but it's also really difficult to say goodbye to them. They're friends I know I won't see again for a long time because I'm moving to another world. I mean, I'll still think about them and talk about them for years and years, but it's weird that people who've taken up so much space in my head aren't there anymore.
Alexa: Well, just in case people have been living under a rock and do not know what we're talking about, why don't you tell my readers a little about the Incarnate series? About Infinite, in particular?

Jodi: Incarnate is about the only girl who's new in a world where everyone else is perpetually reincarnated, and she has to find out why she was born and what happened to the person she replaced. By Infinite, we have lots of answers, including the dark truth about reincarnation, but there's still a lot to discover. Ana is faced with huge choices and the consequences of her decision will affect everyone who's ever been born.. and who hasn't yet.

Alexa: That's a pretty perfect summary, and a very accurate description of the series and book three! So, to change gears a little, tell me, what are you currently reading?

Jodi: I just started reading a friend's manuscript, but next up on my pile of paper books is The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski.
Alexa: Oh! I'm pretty darn excited for The Winner's Curse too, which is coming out in a couple of months. Speaking of what's ahead, I know that you've got a new book due to come out entitled Orphan Queen. How different was writing that one from the Incarnate series? I'd love if you could tell my readers a little bit about it too!

Jodi: I can't say much about Orphan Queen yet, except that it's definitely different from Incarnate. It's 100% fantasy, with magic destroying the world, and an orphaned princess vs. a masked vigilante.
Alexa: I'm a sucker for a good fantasy novel. Based on your description, Orphan Queen sounds excellent. I can't wait! Okay, last question, a bonus one really. Since January marks the start of a brand new year, tell me: have you made any New Year's resolutions, bookish, writing or otherwise? 

Jodi: Oh gosh, well, we'll see how these go. But I'd like to keep up with working out better. When I'm into whatever I'm writing, I quickly become a slug and don't want to move. Ever.

Another ongoing struggle: stress less. *panicked giggling*

Alexa: I definitely agree with the working out bit! I'd like to build up my stamina... but books and junk food and my couch/bed can be so inviting sometimes.

Thank you so much, Jodi, for visiting the blog today! I'm a huge fan, and it was certainly an honor to be able to interview you. I can't wait to snag my finished copy of Infinite, and to eventually get the chance to read Orphan Queen!

If you want to find Jodi online, you can check out her official website, her Twitter, her Tumblr, her Facebook page, and her Pinterest. She also contributes to one of my favorite sites, Pub(lishing) Crawl.


Incarnate || Asunder || Phoenix Overture (novella) || Infinite
Series: Newsoul #1-3 (also known as Incarnate)
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication Dates: January 31, 2012 || January 29, 2013 || September 3, 2013 || January 28, 2014

Why should you read this series?

I've read (and reread) the books in this series, and they're simply incredible. There are characters to fall in love with (*coughs* Sam *coughs*), elements that will tickle your fancy (like music!) and a story that can cause you to spiral into bout of reflection about life, death, past, present and future. It's beautifully written, and well worth reading.

For more of my thoughts, you can check out my official reviews of Incarnate, Asunder and Infinite. I'm also including my review of the novella, Phoenix Overture.


  1. Oooooo magic destroys the world? That sounds fun!

    Can't wait for Infinite tomorrow! This trilogy has been so fresh and different. I'd never read anything like Incarnate before, and having followed Jodi on Twitter way before publication, back when Ana was Erin (spelling?), it's been fun to see the series through.

    Happy reading!

  2. what a cool interview. I'm really excited about Infinite so it's fun to be able to peek behind the curtain a little bit - and also to hear more about Orphan Queen. That sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun :)

  3. I just started Asunder. I'm a little behind the readathon's pace, but I sure am enjoying the novel and that is what counts.

  4. I've heard so many good things about this series, I think it's about time I gave them a try. Great interview!


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