June 4, 2013

BEA Book Blogger Picnic

After a full day of exploring the exhibits and meeting authors and running into blogger friends last Friday, I was super glad that we'd decided to throw together the 2013 BEA Book Blogger Picnic! It was something that started out as a simple idea, but I'm glad that it actually happened. It was really cool to hear people talking about it at BEA (including a few authors, which was awesome!) and we were blown away by the number of people who came to hang out. 

The picnic was relaxed and casual, and I loved seeing all the book bloggers there get together to chat about anything and everything -- whether or not it was related to books! We missed quite a few people who couldn't make it due to being sick, exhausted or unavailable, but you were definitely there in spirit.  
(Photo Credit: Andrea)

(Photo Credit: Andrea)

I'm grateful to each and every blogger who made the time to come and attend our little event. It was wonderful because YOU were there, and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as well. Special shout-out to Anna and Jamie for bringing some books to share with everyone!

Katelyn, me, Jen & Andrea
Of course, this event would not have been as wonderful as it was without these three lovely ladies - Katelyn, Jen & Andrea. Special props to Jen for the sign and the cold drinks, and to Andrea and her hubby for the Harry Potter cake!

Here's a full list of everyone who was at this year's picnic:

Alexa - alexalovesbooks.com - @alexalovesbooks
Andrea - theoverstuffedbookcase.com - @OverstuffedBook
Jen - jenryland.blogspot.com - @JenRyland
Katelyn - talesofbooksandbands.com - @KatelynTorrey

Christina - allodoxophobia.wordpress.com - @allodoxoph0bia
Steph - www.thefakesteph.com - @fakesteph
Kate - www.midnightbookgirl.com - @Midnghtbookgirl
Kellie - www.reviews.snarkybooks.com - @Kellie_Sheridan
Pam - www.midnytereader.com - @MidnyteReader
Ashley & Nicole - thequietconcert.blogspot.com - @TheQuietConcert
Caitie - caitieflum.wordpress.com - @caitief
Becky - bookbitereviews.blogspot.com - @bookbitereviews
Lauren - loveisnotatriangle.com - @laurayjames
Anna - annareads.com - @annareadsbooks
Elena - novelsounds.net - @novelsounds
Jamie - www.perpetualpageturner.com - @brokeandbookish
Shelver - shelversanon@blogspot.com - @Shelver506
Hannah M. - thegirlinacafe.blogspot.com.au - @thegirlinacafe
Sarah - everydaybooksofgems.blogspot.com - @bluereadergal
Tara - hobbitsies.net - @hobbitsies
Asheley - intothehallofbooks.com - @BookwormAsheley
Jen - www.almostgrownup.net - @Almost_Grown_up
Lindsey - www.astormofwords.net - @lindsey_allyson
Steph - www.poetrytoprose.com - @poetrytoprose
Katie - www.bookishlyyours.com - @isolateme
Linda - light-of-day.net - @lindazge
Shanese - thebo0ki3.blogspot.com - @Bo0KJunki3
Hannah - paperbacktreasures.blogspot.com - @PbackTreasures
Anastasia - heretherebebooks.net - @heretherebebks
Julie - storypushers.wordpress.com - @jmgeduld *Her blog will be up soon!
Elizabeth - gossamerobsessions.blogspot.com - @AnimeJune
Isalys & Vanessa - booksoulmates.blogspot.com - @booksoulmates @IsaBookSoulmate
Memory of Stella Matutina - http://xicanti.livejournal.com - @xicanti
Allison - www.goodbooksandgoodwine.com - @bookishfeminist


  1. Oh my gosh! This looks like it was so much fun, Alexa! I hope bloggers arrange something this fantastic next year, as well. I'd love to meet all these lovely bloggers in person! :)

  2. Fun post, Alexa!! What a great event. Thanks for making it happen along with the other lovely bloggers that helped!

  3. I LOVE this... but it makes me want to cryyyy for missing it!!! :( <3

  4. aww! i'm glad you guys had so much fun! wish i could have been there. ~daphne

  5. I'm sorry for arriving late but I'm glad we did make it (better late than never!) :)

    It was great hanging out with you guys and getting to mingle with the other bloggers.

    Hopefully we'll be able to do it again next year!
    ♥Isalys & Vanessa
    Book Soulmates

  6. Great post! This was so much fun, glad I was able to come and meet so many amazing ladies!

  7. I did not go to BEA or anything, but this event was so thoughtful! I mean, I can imagine how hectic it is to really meet bloggers at the expo, so this was a creative idea. So glad it was so successful. Hopefully, I will go next year if there is one!

  8. Boo I'm sad I missed the picnic! I didn't even know about it until yesterday >.< Oh well next year if it goes on again I'll definitely be there!! :)

  9. What a lovely idea. Sounds great fun and I'd say you had some great discussions.

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HOSTING THIS GIRLS! Ashley and I had a blast and it was so great meeting all of you! Until next year!! ;)

  11. Wow you girls are awesome!! I hope I can make it next year :)

  12. Oh my goodness this is amazing! All of you lovely bloggers together, nerding out! My heart can scarcely take it!

  13. This was such a fun and thoughtful idea, Alexa! I hope that if I go to BEA next year, there will be something like this. It's probably a much more relaxing way of meeting bloggers, as well! I can only imagine how hectic it is to try and meet everyone smack in the middle of BEA madness!

  14. Yay! This was such a fun time :)

  15. Alexa! I am so bummed that I felt so crummy and couldn't make it this year, I really feel as if I missed out on meeting so many amazing people. I'm so glad that it was a success for you guys and I can't WAIT until next year :D

  16. Beautiful place, I have been here twice for formal events, and have been incredibly impressed both times. Delicious food and very attentive staff, overall a great space.
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