June 23, 2013

Sizzle & Swoon: Our Go-To Historical Romance Authors

Today's edition of Sizzle & Swoon features the kind of romance that I'm particularly fond of - historical romances. My affection for this sub-genre knows no bounds. It has a lot to do with the first romance I ever read (The Secret by Julie Garwood) being a historical. It also has a lot to do with the fact that I find history and various eras in time positively fascinating. While there are certainly many different time periods explored in these romances, I like Regency England the best. There's something glamorous but subtle about the era - and I adore it. Today, the three of us are sharing about a few of our favorite historical romance authors!

As with the previous posts, a +A/+R/+S means that more than one person endorses a choice.


Julia Quinn - I discovered her on accident in a bookstore, picking it up because the cover was cute. Years later, I'm still obsessed with her writing and love that she writes about families or connected characters for all of her series. My favorite series? The Bridgertons, of course! (+S)

Julie Garwood - She was the first romance author I ever read. I've devoured nearly all of her novels! Her historical romances are always wonderful at drawing me in, and making me fall completely head over heels in love with every story. I've felt ALL THE FEELS while reading her book.

Lisa Kleypas - Clearly, this is a pick for a reason since based on our lists for the past few days, all three of us adore her. She writes such wonderful characters, coupled with interesting stories! The woman definitely knows how to bring on the swoons! (+R) (+S)


Sherry Thomas - The master of marriage in trouble!

Julie Anne Long - While the fact that she wrote What I Did For a Duke is enough to earn her a spot on this list, I've thoroughly enjoyed many of Long's books. I can always count on her for a good one! (+A) (+S)

Loretta Chase - If you've never read Lord of Scoundrels, I suggest you do so immediately. Loretta Chase has an amazing ability to write things equally hilarious, sexy, and witty. (+S)


Courtney Milan - The thing I love most about Courtney Milan is that her books always have a distinct abundance of feminist themes and lack of male chauvinism. They're also delightfully original and romantic.

Eloisa James - This woman made me fall in love with the broken marriage plot! She writes incredibly witty characters and dialogue, as well as some of the most realistically human characters. I love her for it!

Tessa Dare - The Spindle Cove series is my favorite historical romance series. I'm so sad to see it end! I think Tessa Dare and I share the same sense of humor, because I tend to laugh hysterically at anything she writes. She can also write some crazy good tension. (+A)

YOUR TURN - Who are your favorite historical romance authors?


  1. I just picked up the first Spindle Cover book. Can't wait to start it !

  2. There are some really great choices on this list! :)

    I really enjoy Tessa Dare's writing. While the Spindle Cove series isn't my favourite by any means in the historical romance genre, Dare infuses her writing with a real humour and wit that I find few authors take the time and trouble to do. The opening scene in A Night To Surender was one of the best and funniest I had ever read in a historical romance novel, and I know I'll never be able to look at sheep quite the same way again ;)

    In terms of my favourite historical romance authors, I adore Jennifer Ashley (Her 'Highland Pleasures' series is a personal favourite), Manda Collins (Her 'Ugly Ducklings' series was a really fun treat) and Sarah MacLean. I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting but those three came to mind immediately!

    I just have to add that I really love the Sizzle & Swoon series you guys have put together. It was such a great idea and I always look forward to reading the posts on Alexa Loves Books & The Book Barbies! :D

  3. Pretty much all of the ones you guys mentioned, adding Sarah MacLean, Sophie Jordan and Katharine Ashe :)

  4. Huge JQ fan! I started reading her accidentally about 10 years ago (I probably wasn't quite old enough to read romance then...) and have never stopped. I've read all of her books except for the duology that is the same story told from two different perspectives. She brings the swoon for me!

  5. I am with the other commentors who mentioned Sarah MacLean, I LOVE her books! She's fantastic.

    Also, I really like books by Eloisa James and Tessa Dare.

    Yay, historical romance!


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