June 5, 2013

Young Authors Give Back

(Photo Credit: YAGB Site)
One of my favorite parts of BEA 2013 involved four very special people: Sarah J. Maas, Susan Dennard, Kat Zhang & Erin Bowman. You might know them individually because of their novels (which I've listed in a handy doodle below). You might know them individually because of their heavy immersion and strong presence in almost all forms of social media. You might know them because of their amazing posts about writing tips, suggestions and thoughts. And, of course, you might know them because of the Young Authors Give Back tour!
The author + Elena + me
Before I talk more about the Young Authors Give Back tour, I'd like to talk about these four young women, who are beautiful, bubbly, inspiring and just absolutely wonderful. One of the things that really excited me about this year's BEA was the fact that all four of them would be in town -- and I'd get to meet them! After the crazy fangirl status shock of our initial meeting (at the Teen Author Carnival), it was so pleasant to run into them multiple times over the next couple of days. They're extremely friendly, warm and welcoming! I LOVED the opportunity to get to chat with them face to face after months of Twitter conversations. Each of these ladies is passionate about books and writing and a whole host of other things -- and I love them and look forward to their future achievements, bookish and otherwise.

And now, more about the Young Authors Give Back tour! While there's a brilliantly written description on their website, I'll settle for telling you guys what I see it as. It's signings in various cities, where they'll be able to meet their readers and sign their books. But apart from that, it's their opportunity to give back by hosting small-group writing workshops that are free for young aspiring writers (ages 13-22)!
This is my collection of YAGB books, including ARCs.
I think it's a wonderful idea, and I highly encourage all of you, my dear readers, to go to a signing or attend a workshop. I enjoyed the time I got to spend with them in New York, and I think you all will too! Plus, I would've loved to be at one of the writing workshops (but I'm a wee bit too old for that), where I've heard that they're sharing some wonderful, practical writing advice and encouragement (thanks Melody!). For your easy reference, here's the full schedule (without the stops that have already passed):

6/5, MD: Workshop at Baltimore Public Library (6PM) - Register right from here!
6/5, MD: Signing at Baltimore Public Library (8PM) (feat. Jodi Meadows)
6/6, PA: Workshop at Carnegie Library (4:30PM) - Register with the library!
6/6, PA: Signing at Penguin Bookshop (7:15PM)
6/7, MD: Workshop at Coventry School (4PM) (co-sponsored by Mac's Backs Books/Lake Erie Ink)
6/7, MD: Signing at Mac's Backs Books (6:30PM)
6/8, OH: Workshop at Medina County Library (1PM) - Register with the library!
6/8, OH: Signing at Medina County Library (3:15PM)
6/11, MI: Workshop at Schuler Books (4PM) - Register right from here!
6/11, MI: Signing at Schuler Books (7PM)
6/12, IL: Workshop at 826 Chicago (6PM) - Register via the 826 Chicago website.
6/14, IL: Signing & Panel at Anderson's Bookshop (7PM)

I really, really feel strongly about you readers in those areas going out to attend these events! These four ladies are phenomenal people, and you'll enjoy hanging out with them for an hour or two. If you do end up going to any of the events and post a recap, please feel free to let me know, as I'd love to read it!
(Posted this on Instagram! It's true though <3)
To Erin, Kat, Sarah & Susan: Thank you for being such extraordinary, wonderful, lovely people. I wish I had more words for how awesome I think you all are, but let's leave it at that tweet where I claimed you all as my spirit animals. Lots of love xo

(If you're wondering, NO, I was not hired to write this. I wrote this out of my sheer love for these four ladies and the concept of their tour.)


  1. This was such a sweet post, Alexa! From what you have said (and from how I see them act on Twitter), they seem like such a sweet and fun bunch! This tour doesn't stop in my city, unfortunately, but I am so happy for everyone that CAN go!

    I don't know if I'll ever get over how sweet and thoughtful they are for doing a tour like this. I'm sure it means so much to a lot of people!

  2. I had so much fun with them last night and completely agree! SUCH GREAT GALS!!! Wish you could have come out this way!

    I wish I was in the age bracket for the writer's group, too! :(

  3. Haha you are so cute. I love that they're your spirit animals lol :)
    I'm so excited to meet them all at Anderson's! I was able to meet Kat for the signing at BEA and I've met Susan before but I just wasn't able to see ALL of them at BEA so I'm happy to be going to the signing next week!!!

  4. I SO wish that they were coming to South FL!

  5. What a great post! That WAS you at BEA ha ha ha I saw you everywhere but couldn't place you! You should have gone to a workshop - I was so not in the age range but went anyway ha ha ha. Love these ladies!


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