June 30, 2013

June 2013

June was certainly a busy month, both in real life and on the blog! I decided to start doing something a little different and recorded a vlog for this month's retrospective. [Update: Vlog has been deleted. The audio and video were not syncing, and I'm a perfectionist so I couldn't deal with that.]

In real life... I've been busy finishing up my invitations for my wedding in September (which were created by Rachel, and look so cute!). I've also been packing up stuff in the apartment, which includes de-cluttering. Apart from that, I've gotten the chance to do fun things like watch Mamma Mia on Broadway, and attend some really awesome book tour stops + BEA!

On the blog... Apart from the usual slew of reviews and link love posts, I've had a special week to celebrate BEA, as well as a tour stop or two (or more)!. I've also had the Fierce Reads tour recap up this last week, and have been celebrating Sizzle & Swoon with The Book Barbies.

The Slithers Sisters/Teacher's Pest (Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #2 & #3) - Charles Gilman
The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay
Secret for a Song - S.K. Falls
Runes - Ednah Walters
Chantress (Chantress Trilogy #1) - Amy Butler Greenfield
The Camp - Karice Bolton (+ Giveaway)
How To Be Almost Famous in Ten Days - Kathleen S. Allen (+ Giveaway)
Hidden (Hidden #1) - M. Lathan
Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly #1) - Susan Dennard
A Dawn Most Wicked (Something Strange and Deadly #0.5) - Susan Dennard
Frigid - J. Lynn
Siege & Storm - Leigh Bardugo
Yours Until Dawn - Teresa Medeiros
Blue-Eyed Devil (Travis Family #2) - Lisa Kleypas
Fall From Love - Heather London (+ Giveaway)
We'll Always Have Summer (Summer #3) - Jenny Han
Mortal Fire - Elizabeth Knox
Ink - Amanda Sun

An Author a Monday: Diana Peterfreund

BEA Spotlight: Book Blogger Picnic
BEA Spotlight: Young Authors Give Back



  1. Alexa, you are such a lovely person! I love this retrospective version in vlog form. :) You read so many awesome-sounding books this month! I really need to read Crown of Midnight, since I'M DYING TO GET MORE OF CHAOL. Goodness. Good luck with your wedding soon! I hope it all goes well. Lovely post, dear!

    1. You should definitely read CROWN OF MIDNIGHT. It's SO DARN GOOD. I absolutely loved it, even more than I loved THRONE OF GLASS (which was a lot already), and I'm sure you will too. Plus, since you're a fellow Chaol fan, you will love it EVEN MORE. Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Replies
    1. I LOVE YOU LISA. That is all! Hope you and baby Lucy are doing well <3

  3. You're such a natural at vlogging! Crown of Midnight was brilliant, wasn't it? I loved Chaol in it!
    Good luck with your wedding!

    1. Aww, thank you Lucy! I personally think I'm a little awkward, but I was in the mood to do it. And YES. Crown of Midnight is GENIUS. I love that book SO MUCH (and already want to re-read it, even though there are other books I must read). Chaol was the best <3

  4. So nice to see your face again!! Also yayyyy wedding!! It's coming up so soon, omg. You had quite a month this week, real life AND blog wise! Here's to a great July. <3

    1. I miss YOUR face. We still never got to do our dessert tour of NYC. Perhaps next year you'll be able to come to BEA, stay for longer and we can do just that for one whole day! And I KNOW. Two months and a week or so and I'll be celebrating my wedding day!

  5. I love your vlogs! You sound super cute. It's great that your wedding invites are completed now. September is just around the corner, too! It's crazy how fast time is flying these days, but I hope you have an AMAZING wedding day. I hope we get to hear about it afterwards. :)

    Have a lovely week, Alexa!

    1. Aww, thank you Sam! That means a lot since I love you + your blog. I'm so relieved the invites are done, though I have to make a few more, since it turns out we need a couple more extras! You'll definitely hear more about the wedding the closer it gets -- and after too!

  6. Loved the vlog! It's so fun to see you get excited over books (much like I always do haha). Happy to see Siege and Storm on your list, since it's one of my favorite (probably my favorite) June reads as well. When I'll (FINALLY) get to Throne of Glass, I'll make sure to tweet my feels to you ;)

    1. Thanks Judith! I love getting giddy and excited over books, and it pleases me that other people can relate. I hope I got you excited about some of the books I've read! I will eagerly anticipate you continuing + finishing Throne of Glass, as I'm certain it will make you feel all the feels, Crown of Midnight even more so!

  7. Holy Crap you are getting married in September! CONGRATU-FREAKING-LATIONS! That is so exciting! How do you do it all? Work, plan a wedding, read, be so awesome. You are a woman of many talents! I'm glad June was a good month for you. Cheers to July for being even BETTER! :)

  8. What an amazing sounding June! Good luck with all your wedding preparations-I've had some friends get married recently and know how crazy busy you're going to get but I hope you'll still have time to read :)


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