June 25, 2013

Sizzle & Swoon: The "Or" Game + Marry, Shag, Kill

Today's post is one that the three of us had a lot of fun putting together! It's definitely a silly post, but I'm sure you'll love finding out our answers to the these pressing questions. And if YOU feel so inclined, please feel free to weigh in with your own answers in the comments! And for more Sizzle and Swoon, visit The Book Barbies to see our favorite books from other sub-genres.


1. Contemporary or historical?
R: Historical
S: Historical
A: Historical

2. Hardy or Jack or Gage?
R: Hardy (and if anybody else picks MY MAN, you're going DOWN!)
S: Hardy (Oh please. If any of us can have him for real, then that means we are living in a world where we can bring fictional characters to life. An unlimited supply of Hardy! I can have on, too. :D )
A: Hardy (Clearly girls, is there any other choice? I mean, I love the other two but...)

3. Country or city?
R: City
S: Country
A: Country, definitely. I'm a nature-lover.

4. Alpha hero or beta hero?
R: Alpha
S: Alpha
A: Alpha

5. New author or old author?
R: Old author
S: Old author
A: Old author

6. To re-read or not to re-read?
R: Re-read favorites forever
S: Re-read favorites forever!
A: Re-read, or else I'd never see Hardy again and THAT would be sad.

7. Read a whole book in one sitting or a little at a time?
R: Read a whole book in one sitting
S: Read a whole book in one sitting
A: Read a whole book in one sitting, because I have no patience.

8. Wes from The Truth about Forever or Owen from Just Listen?
R: Owen forever and ever!
S: Wes
A: Wes, because he was my first Dessen love.

9. Sarah Dessen or Jennifer Echols?
R: Sarah Dessen
S: Sarah Dessen
A: Sarah Dessen

10. Cam Rohan or Derek Craven?
R: Derek Craven
S: Derek Craven (by a hair. I love me some Cam too!)
A: Cam Rohan


1. Gage Travis, Hardy Cates or Jack Travis (from the Travis Family series by Lisa Kleypas)?
R: Marry Hardy (I guess I'll go with Sharon that we all get a Hardy in our fictional land...), shag Jack (Wasn't there a bit about sex and a tie used? That might be fun to try. LOL. Sorry Gage. Shoulda gave us a better sex scene.), kill Gage
S: Marry Hardy, shag Jack, kill Gage. (*sob* Sorry, Gage!)
A: I'm going to go a different route and say marry Jack, shag Hardy and kill Gage (which I really, really wish I didn't have to do...)

2. Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, or Ryan Philippe?
R: Marry Philippe, shag Gosling, kill Reynolds.
S: Marry Reynolds, shag Gosling, kill Philippe.
A: Marry Reynolds, shag Gosling, kill Philippe.

3. Adam Levine, Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer?
R: Marry Henry, shag Adam, kill Matt
S: Marry Adam, shag Matt, kill Henry
A: Marry Henry, shag Adam, kill Matt

4. Ian Somerhalder, Josh Holloway or Matthew Fox?
R: Marry Josh, shag Ian, kill Matthew
S: Marry Ian, shag Josh, kill Matthew
A: Marry Ian, shag Josh, kill Matthew

5. Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter or Nick Lachey?
R: Marry Nick L., shag Justin, kill Nick C.
S: Marry Justin, shag Nick C., kill Nick L.
A: Marry Justin, shag Nick C., kill Nick L.


  1. With the OR game, I'd go contemporary, Jennifer Echols (I've read one Dessen so far and wasn't a fan but I'd like to give her another go). Oh and without a doubt I would marry Ian - sa-woon! *dreams* (And that's not just because I don't know the others well, he just makes me heart go to mush. I mean those dimples, those cheekbones, that skin and he cares about the environment and seems lovely and oh, now I'm just depressing myself... Fun post!

  2. Okay, clearly I need to go investigate Hardy, and Lisa Kleypas's contemporary books. I've loved her historicals but haven't gotten into her contemps.


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